Lea Seydoux without fear: from the long scandalous scene to the return of “Emmanuelle”

From the look to the physical presence, from the family (nephew and great-grandson of two bosses of French cinema, the uncle was president of the Lille team) Lea Seydoux is one that is impossible not to notice. And that she is not afraid of risky and scandalous roles. It will be she who will revive an absolute erotic myth: “Emmanuelle”.

The film with the beautiful Sylvia Kristel became a worldwide success in 1974, taking up the scandal book of the same title, written by Emmanuelle Arsan. The story of a diplomat’s wife who moves between Paris and Bangkok, opening up to all kinds of adventures and sexual experimentation. At the time it was crushed by critics, but both in the cinema and on the big screen the success was enormous.

Kristel’s body and charm, who passed away in 2021, will now be those of Lea Seydoux. That in 2013 she exploded with the lesbian role and the very long hard scene in “The life of Adele”, awarded at Cannes and among the most acclaimed and discussed films of that year. She previously starred for Tarantino in “Inglourious Basterds”, and in many big and small screen titles, including “Mission: Impossible”, Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” and Ridley Scott’s “Robin Hood”.

Now Seydoux is confronted with a character who talked about female sexual liberation in the seventies. He won’t be worrying for her. Lea Seydoux is a member of the 50/50 collective which aims to promote gender equality and diversity in film and audiovisuals.

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