Leading Polish pager clearly and firmly about “Don Kasjo”

FAME MMA enjoys growing popularity. However, there is still controversy about whether freakfight galas such as FAME MMA can be treated as a full-fledged sport. – It’s not a sport, it’s entertainment. As it stands for sport, I am also a bit disgusted. As for entertainment? I buy and watch – said the leading Polish boxer Maciej Sulęcki (29-2) in an interview with Ring Polska.

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Sulęcki defends “Don Kasjo”: Charismatic, sometimes he makes a fool of himself, but he can do it

The leading Polish boxer also commented on one of the faces of FAME MMA by Kasjusz “Don Kasjo” Życiński. – Everyone criticizes him, and I think that he went in a very good direction. He was a good boxer, so he earns money from what he likes to do and still sells well. Charismatic, sometimes he makes a fool of himself, but he can do it – he pointed out.

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Sulęcki’s words can be easily verified with the help of Życiński’s record of fights. Since 2019, “Don Kasjo” has fought seven fights in the FAME federation, of which he won six. He only lost to former KSW fighter Norman Parke at FAME MMA 10. Initially he fought MMA and kickboxing, but for four fights he only duel in boxing, which he trained in the past. Sulęcki also drew attention to this, noting that “Don Kasjo”, who has experience in this sport, significantly exceeds his rivals. – He earns money easily, he boxed something there and he outclasses all these men in boxing, because no one can fight there – summed him up.

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During the FAME MMA 12 gala, Życiński won two fights. First he defeated the former KSW champion Marcin Wrzosek, and then he defeated Michał “Boxdel” Baron, who had no experience in boxing.

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