League of Legends developer under fire after firing designer ahead of new hero launch

He Lian’an

A League of Legends developer is facing backlash for firing a hero designer for a character that was still scheduled to be released in the near future.

“League of Legends” developer Riot Games announced that the company is facing layoffs of 530 people, accounting for about 11% of the total number of employees, shocking the industry. This move was announced to refocus our efforts on those things that will deliver the greatest player value.

As a result, employees across Riot’s teams have been laid off, leaving many feeling scared and unsure if their jobs are safe, no matter which team they’re on. This sparked widespread backlash from Riot fans, who were disappointed and upset that so many people were losing their jobs.

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A champion designer came forward to explain that they too were out of a job. riot flameThe job loss resonated with the League of Legends community, especially since their most recently designed champions haven’t even been released into the game yet.

LoL players slam Riot for firing designer before title launch

Riot Llama said it is excited to serve the League of Legends player base.

“It has been an honor to serve the League player base! I hope Smolder, Skarner, and K’Sante can become your favorite heroes. My only regret is that I didn’t make more. GG Player >

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Many players were surprised by the news of the layoffs, as their latest champion, Smolder, had not yet been released.

Some people pointed out the irony of a line from Smolder, who claimed their moms work at Riot and could ban them. They even called the company “ruthless.”

Another player revealed the bad timing of the layoffs, showing tweets from developers sharing their work with their families.

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With the specter of layoffs at Riot still hanging in the air, it’s clear that League of Legends players are very unhappy with the company. As for the future of MOBAs, it’s still uncertain what the consequences of unemployment will be, and players are hoping for the best.

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