League of Legends patch 14.2 early notes: Rune changes and tower buffs

He Lian’an

Version 14.2 of “League of Legends” brings a lot of changes to the MOBA, including changes to runes and some enhancements to heroes’ tower-holding abilities.

League of Legends has just released its first major patch of 2024, version 14.1. Now, developer Riot Games is looking to make even more changes to the MOBA, with a slew of new changes that will change how the game is played.

Version 14.2 brings some major changes to the MOBA, including some enhancements to the champion’s tower-holding abilities, as well as changes to some runes.

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When will the LoL 14.2 patch be released?

The League of Legends 14.2 patch will be launched on January 24, 2024. According to Riot Games’ patch schedule. The release times for each major region are as follows:

  • 3pm Pacific Time (North America)
  • 5am ​​GMT (EU world)
  • 3 a.m. CET (Central European Time)
  • 8 a.m. (Korean Standard Time)

There will be downtime as the servers will be undergoing maintenance before going online.

What’s changed in the LoL 14.2 patch?

Tower attack enthusiasts

Many champions have received buffs to help them get towers faster. Champions like Fizz, Jax, and Gragas have all received buffs to their abilities, which will help them get towers faster. Jax is by far the biggest buff, he has become a strong split pusher and can scale well in the late game.

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fizz splash artRiot Games

The tower capture abilities of heroes such as Fizz, Jax, and Gragas have been enhanced.

Rune changes

Minor runes have also changed in version 14.2. The armor and MR runes in the second and third slots have been removed and replaced with other stats such as movement speed, health, and toughness.

League of Legends patch 14.2 early notes



Passive: Deathbringer Stance


Answer: Feast

  • Now provides 2.5 casting range per level for Feast (maximum 25 casting range)


W: Seastone Trident

  • Now deals 50% damage to structures (includes hit damage and DoT)


W: drunken rage

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  • Now deals 50% damage to buildings


W: Empower

  • Now deals 50% damage to buildings

A: Master of Arms

  • Now deals 50% damage to buildings


Answer: Death Lotus

  • R missiles now “can be cast while disabled”


Q: Flash Gun

  • Q missiles now “can be cast while disabled”


W: Veil of Joy

  • Now has instant cast time instead of 1 frame
  • Now has “Can cast or queue while casting”
  • No more “cannot cancel when finished”


A: Call of the Forge God

  • R1 no longer uses minimap positioning
  • R2 may no longer target friendly heroes and lane creeps


Basic statistics

  • Default adaptive power changed from AD to AP


Q: Thunder Crush

  • Now you have 25 additional attack ranges


Basic statistics

  • Now replaces Aftershock with Grasp of the Immortal
  • Now replaces Glacial Augment with First Strike


Lesser Rune

  • Second slot armor and MR fragments replaced with 2.5% MS and 10 – 150 HP
  • The third slot armor and MR shards are replaced by 60 flat HP shards and 10% slow resistance and toughness (health growth shards remain)


  • Now provides 2 – 10 bonus armor and MR on CC and after 2 seconds instead of slow resistance and toughness based on lack of HP

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