League of Legends will install a very controversial new anti-story system that even genuine players don’t like; Riot Vanguard arrives

system Anti-cheating Riot Games’ VALORANT has been around for years but never convinced anyone with the way it worked. Now you will enter your MOBA game.

Riot Games has decided to merge pioneer While theory tells us this should be good news for League of Legends, it isn’t. At least not at all.very clear It should always be nice to have an anti-cheat system added to almost any gamebut when we talk about Riot and LoL, the situation is not entirely pleasant.

First, the developer decided to take this step because case report fraud.That said, more and more people are using unauthorized programs to gain benefits in the game. Unfortunately, that’s not the only reason I don’t think Vanguard’s arrival is optimistic.

Pioneer, the one discussed Anti-cheating LoL will arrive in February

After all, you have to be active all the time. That is, if you turn on your computer at 10 a.m. but don’t play a game until 5 p.m. During these seven hours, Vanguard will be active on your PC whether you want it to or not. While in principle it doesn’t consume too many resources, it’s still an annoying situation to say the least.

If you disable it, you will not be able to launch League of Legends, So if you want to play you have to restart your computer. There is no doubt that this is a rather annoying process. Not to mention, like many other programs (this is not unique to Vanguard), it collects all kinds of data from our computers. There is nothing in the world, everything has its explanation. Additionally, it has been used in VALORANT for a long time.

Nonetheless, this system does Almost no type of player ever liked it too much. Logically, most users are not keen on a program that is always active without their consent (so to speak), even if the game that requires it cannot run. The fact that it automatically starts up whenever you turn on your computer isn’t particularly pleasant, and it doesn’t have to be on permanently.

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