Leak: PS5 Devkit and DualShock 5 prototypes were photographed

The devkit looks exactly as we expected.

The countdown for the next-generation PlayStation console, the PS5, is getting shorter and shorter. By mid-November 2020, the PlayStation 5 is likely to hit the market. And with the upcoming launch (in a year) more and more evidence for the existence of the PS5 is passed. A new photo with two PS5 development kits and two potential early DualShock 5 prototypes has just been put online.

The photo in question comes from the Twitter account of Alchoholikaust, although their source is not mentioned. The picture is only commented on with the words “PS5 anyone?” While the Twitter source may not contain any additional information, the photo must be from a developer with access to the hardware. Funnily, devkits for both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro are also shown in the background in the photo.

No big surprises anymore

Both the PS5 devkits and the DualShock 5 controllers are no longer big surprises. Photos of the PS5 devkit, as well as a patent that puts the strange design to the test, have already leaked out. A patent for the DualShock 5 controllers has also been leaked, although this may be the first photo of the controller’s prototypes. In other words, the devkits and controllers are no big surprises, but they are still very interesting, especially if you’ve never seen them “live” before. So in reality.

The controllers seem to confirm the previously leaked patent for the alleged DualShock 5 controllers. There are some special features that can be seen from a distance. The lack of a light bar on the back, the smaller touchpad, the larger rear trigger and a rounder design in general. Of course, there is probably more than you think, but there should be enough evidence to say definitively that this is the controller or prototype of the PS5 and not something else.

The long winter

Sony will probably not confirm the photos this year. Whether the console finally really comes in V-design is questionable. A special function is currently not recognizable and the concept design will probably remain a concept design. It follows the “long winter” of the rumours and leaks of the PS5 until it is finally presented to us “in real”.

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