Leaked Cover with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott!

In early November, there was a tragedy at the Astroworld festival, a music event organized by Travis Scott. Many people tried to get to the festival grounds without a ticket, while other fans were violently pressing against the railings trying to get closer to the stage.

There were riots, some people lost consciousness in the huge crowd, and the festival eventually turned into a wild panic, in which many people were trampled – 23 of them were hospitalized and 11 required resuscitation.

Unfortunately, 10 people could not be saved, including a 9-year-old boy.

A tragedy at the Travis Scott festival! 8 people are dead and many are injured!

Leaked cover of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, which was not to see the light of day!

Some time has passed since the event, but many people are furious with Travis Scott, who, according to reports of witnesses, stubbornly continued the concert despite the events taking place.

Fans waited a long time for a response from his and Kylie Jenner’s website, which together with the rapper temporarily fell into the background and did not comment on the events and did not publish in social media.

Kim Kardashian on the tragedy at the Travis Scott concert: “My heart is broken”

The greater the surprise It turned out to be a post on one of the fan accounts on Instagram, which revealed the alleged cover of the W magazine with pregnant Kylie, baby Stormi and Travis Scott.

As it turns out, the publisher at all costs did not want the cover to be published after the events on Astroworld and “Tries to get all copies of the number before they hit the store shelves” as reported by Page six.

Fans comment on the cover: “Does he smoke her belly blunt ??”

Kylie Jenner is dripping blood. What is going on?!

On the cover, Kylie and Stormi dressed in identical canary yellow feather dresses look more like they were accidentally caught in the frame than they actually posed for the cover.

However, it was Travis Scott who caught the most attention from fans who eagerly commented on the strange cover:

What is Travis doing? this man is strange

Does he smoke her belly blunt?

Someone else added that the rapper looks like he was added in post-production:

Is it just me or it looks like they photoshopped Travis on the cover lol

Most people were very confused and wondered if the session was made before or after the Astroworld tragedy.

“W’s publishers have removed any planned coverage of Travis and Kylie from their website, but the magazine was already in print and now they are trying to stop the delivery trucks,” said one informant. at least inappropriate.

So far, no reply has been received from W Magazine despite a request for comment.

Not only the magazine ordered the suspension of Travis Scott’s promotion – Nike announced on Monday that it was postponing the scheduled premiere of the shoe, which was created in collaboration with Scott, after the 9-year-old boy fell victim to his performance at the festival.

How about Kylie and Travis?

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