Leap Forward for Laboratory Medicine, a test evaluates the effectiveness of anti-covid vaccination

Only a year ago it was unthinkable, today it is reality. The continuous progress of laboratory medicine allows today to verify the exact immune response of the organism to evaluate the effectiveness of vaccination in humans. Not only discovering the presence of viruses and antibodies, therefore, since in itself it has not proved to be fundamental, but the entire immune response with respect to the disease and vaccination against Covid 19.

“In cancer patients or in those affected by autoimmune atologies this verification is very important – explains Dr. Tommaso Trenti, President of SIBioC (Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology – Laboratory Medicine, Director of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathological Anatomy of the University Hospital of Modena – our work allows clinicians to indicate what the patient’s real immune status is, to predict how he will react to chemotherapy, use of cortisone or immunosuppressive drugs. This applies today to Covid 19 but it can spread to other diseases, both viral and bacterial, for an ever greater protection of the patient. Harvard University is focused on how 21st Century Medicine is about diagnosis and care that for prevention will be based on Laboratory Medicine. “

For example, the toxicological evaluation has allowed us to understand how the pandemic has reduced the consumption of traditional drugs such as cocaine and opium difficult to transport and has encouraged the use of synthetic drugs, not so much recreational psychostimulants such as ecstasy and amphetamines but those with narcotic action. , analgesic and tranquilizer, such as the new opiates and benzodiazepines. New very dangerous drugs that have led to an opioid epidemic in the United States since 2015, landed in Europe since 2019 and continuously growing.

“The Covid 19 epidemic was a frontier for all medical branches, but for us it was a real watershed – adds dr. Laura Sciacovelli, Past President of SIBioC and Biologist Manager at the Hospital of Padua – The strategic role of laboratory tests has emerged clearly and sees our Scientific Society at the forefront in protecting the patient’s health by transferring diagnostic innovation to clinical practice. We indicate the most effective tests to assess the health of the individual. “

The introduction of new and increasingly advanced tests and genomics, the branch of molecular biology that deals with the study of the genome, therefore, allow us to understand the effectiveness of new drugs and the development of personalized treatments.

“Genomics provides us with the tools to enable precision medicine, a revolutionary approach in laboratory medicine and diagnostics, increasingly focused on understanding the expression of a single patient on its molecular configuration – explains SIBioC President-elect Marcello Ciaccio, Full Professor of Biomedicine, Neuroscience and Advanced Diagnostics at the University of Palermo – It is the topic of the master’s lecture of this year’s Congress, it describes how laboratory medicine will allow us to understand the individual in his uniqueness, with a clear advantage both for the patient, who will be treated with the most suitable drugs for his situation, and for the NHS who will obtain savings in the choice of high-cost treatments. Laboratory Medicine is now able to identify the biomarkers that allow the development of targeted therapies. “

But SIBioC is not only engaged on the front of increasingly advanced tests to create precision medicine that increasingly protects the patient, but also on the institutional side, stimulating a continuous dialogue between the national health system and the Regions and health companies. “We try to give our contribution to select effective exams and eliminate those deemed useless – concludes dr. Tommaso Trenti – to find optimal prevention and clinical diagnostic therapeutic paths thanks to the innovation of new laboratory tests in precision medicine. The image of the Genoa bridge as a rebirth after a tragic event is the symbol of the Congress to mark an important opportunity for recovery in the presence of activities and relations. It is a unique moment for the Company to rebuild and strengthen the value and perception of the scientific and professional community that has always characterized us after the isolation of the pandemic season. “

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