Learn how to repair plasma and LCD TVs and start your own business with free courses from the Carlos Slim Foundation

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Nowadays, many of our daily activities involve various electrical appliances, which greatly facilitate these activities and help us save a lot of time and energy. Some other electronic devices in our homes are useful for informing us, entertaining us, and even learning, such as mobile phones, phones, tablets, and of course, televisions.

Even though technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, there are still people who keep their plasma or LCD TVs. Since they are no longer produced these days, it is common for those who want to keep their TVs to look for a way to repair them in case they malfunction.

Therefore, this time we would like to show you an interesting course so that you can learn how to repair a plasma or LCD TV, which is a great way to gain new knowledge that you can put into practice to start your own business. Since this is the perfect alternative you can take, we will provide you all the details about this course right away.

The course we’ll show you below is called Plasma and LCD TV repairman, Provided by the Carlos Slim Foundation through its platform Employment training. It is completely free and lasts 50 hours, in which you will acquire knowledge about the basic tools for repairing plasma and LCD TVs, starting from their operation and use of electronic tools and instruments, as well as models and documentation. TV-specific brands.

The course consists of 4 levels, each level has its own curriculum as follows:

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Plasma and LCD TV Repairman

Level 1

Lesson 1

Transmission and reception of television signals

How LCD technology works

How plasma technology works

Customer Support

Professional ethics

basic concept

Lesson 2

security measures

Disassembly of a TV

LCD TV parts

plasma tv components

Service Manual

team preparation

Lesson Three

Electronic basics

Analog and digital components

Physical properties of electronic components

Symbols for electronic components

data sheet

electronic base

Lesson 4

power supply

energy source

YSUS and ZSUS cards

Master Card

control block

The main circuit

level 2

Lesson 1

Use a multimeter

Component disassembly

Component welding

Use an oscilloscope

Tool usage

Lesson 2

work tools

Power supply repair

Power supply repair

Repair of YSUS and ZSUS cards

Motherboard repair

Control block repair


Level 3

Lesson 1

Smart TV features

Software update

Use TV box

smart tv

level 4

Lesson 1

start your career

service quote

e-waste management


To access this course you must access an account on the platform receive employment training, If you don’t have one, we’ll provide you with a registration link. Once you’ve done this, enter the course so you can start training.

To start training, click on the link “Course: Plasma and LCD TV Repairman.”

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