Lebanon: crisis, new assaults on banks in various regions – Ultima Ora

(ANSAMed) – BEIRUT, OCTOBER 04 – Three new assaults on Lebanese banks, which failed three years ago as part of the Lebanon default, were carried out today by as many groups of savers.

The media in Beirut reported that the three banks stormed today are one in Shtura, in the eastern Bekaa valley, one in Tripoli in the north of the country, and one in Tire in southern Lebanon.

Almost all current account holders in Lebanon, Lebanese and foreigners, have been effectively barred from accessing their foreign currency funds and current accounts since November 2019 with an arbitrary decision taken by the banking cartel with the support of the Central Bank. Lebanese.

Lebanon went bankrupt in March 2020 but the crisis – the worst in its history – began in October 2019. In three years, the local lira lost more than 95% of its value against the US dollar.

On 16 September, five bank branches had been stormed with dynamics similar to what has already happened, but in a less coordinated manner, in August and January. (ANSAMed).