“LeBron a bona fide millionaire? I know some girls near him…”

Since the beginning of his career, LeBron James has been absolutely spotless off the field, never getting embroiled in any major controversy. However, some people are still trying to bring him down, as evidenced by this new rumor about their pairing and his alleged infidelity.

in an offseason where Zion Williamson was pushed into a Dark affair with porn actress Moriah Mills, you have to realize how exemplary LeBron James’ career is. Despite being in the limelight since his teens, he has never been involved in any such scandal, and professes his love for his wife, Savannah. whenever he gets the chance, even in paris,

However, despite his image of the ideal father and husband, King regularly becomes the target of rumors regarding his alleged infidelity. A few weeks ago, for example, Internet users were under fire His “Mistress” Miami Era Photos, renowned party organizer across the Atlantic. And in recent days, quite unexpectedly, a rapper has come to Twitter to weigh in on it.

New Viral Rumor About LeBron!

You’re trying to tell me that LeBron James is a bona fide millionaire when I personally know the girls he has… anyway.

Lebron James He is very fickle on a sporting level, having left the Cavaliers for the Heat, the Heat for the Cavaliers, and who now plays for the Lakers. Plus, he may still be searching for a new franchise. The arrival of their biggest branny in the NBA…but on an emotional level, it seems more than unattainable, and internet users didn’t hesitate to point it out. The proportions generated by this crazy rumor are impressive.

You’d say anything to get attention, right?

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You run after lights in someone else’s name… post your pictures and move on

If LeBron James was unfaithful it would be known, King wouldn’t have been able to set foot on the street without being filmed by hundreds of fans. In any case, the rumors about him continue to do the rounds and luckily, he can count on the support of his fans.

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