LeBron James complained to the judge and pointed the finger at the fans. They were kicked out [WIDEO]

LeBron James returned to the game after a one-game suspension he received from NBA officials for his behavior against the Detroit Pistons. LeBron James took on Isaiah Stewart under the basket. The Pistons basketball player pushed the Lakers star as James rolled back and punched his opponent in the face. The judges, after watching the repetitions, sent both players to the dressing room, and the Lakers star, outside the pause match, received a fine of PLN 284,000. dollars.

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LeBron James outraged by the behavior of fans during the match. “There are differences”

LeBron James returned to play after a suspension from the NBA authorities and played a very good game against the Indiana Pacers. The 36-year-old finished the game with 39 points, and he had five rebounds and six assists. To determine the winner, extra time was needed, in which the Los Angeles Lakers turned out to be better (124: 116). James scored twice in a row from 114: 114 in extra time for three, and he made an accurate two-for-two that put the Lakers leading 122: 116.

LeBron James complained to the referee during extra time that the two fans were behaving in the stands. “It’s that f *** a guy” – shouted the 36-year-old basketball player of the Los Angeles team. LeBron James meant a young man and a woman who were kicked out after several seconds. The woman left the dance floor with a sarcastic scowl on her face. LeBron James didn’t go into the details of the situation after the game, but explained that one of the fans had clearly crossed the line. “There are some differences between cheering and the times when you cross the line. Especially when such gestures and language appear,” he said. Russell Westbrook, James’s club mate, reacted differently. “Man, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replied to the journalist.

However, this is not the first time LeBron James has reported inappropriate behavior by fans during a game. Juliana Carlos insulted James during the Lakers – Hawks match. “Shut up, f …, and don’t you dare talk to my husband like that,” she said. The LA Lakers star dubbed the fan “Courtside Karen”.

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