LeBron James suspended by the NBA. The reason is shocking

The NBA decided to take the consequences of the brawl that took place during the Detroit Pistons – Los Angeles Lakers match.

Patryk Pankowiak

Patryk Pankowiak

LeBron James

Getty Images / Maddie Malhotra / In the photo: LeBron James

LeBron James hit Isaiah Stewart in the head with his elbow in the fundraiser and cut his face open. (more HERE) The Detroit Pistons player got furious and pounced on 36-year-old James.

The Los Angeles Lakers star was clearly not interested in a scuffle with Stewart, but the 20-year-old, already heavily bloodied, continued his efforts. Other players and coaches held him back.

There was a lot of confusion from which the NBA took the consequences. Stewart has been suspended for two games. Surprisingly, LeBron James was also punished.

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The NBA decided that the four-time champion “recklessly punched” his rival in the face. He will face a compulsory break match, which will mean he will lose 284,000. payday dollars. Stewart’s penalty from the league will cost 45,000 in practice. dollars.

James will be absent from Tuesday’s game when the Los Angeles Lakers face the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. This is his first suspension in a 19-year career.

Winger of “Jeziorowców”, Anthony Davis after Sunday’s game defended his team mate. Everyone in the league knows LeBron is not a dirty player. As soon as that happened, he turned to him and said, “My fault. I didn’t do it on purpose,” said Davis.

As reported by The Athletic, James tried to obtain Stewart’s phone number to apologize personally and emphasize that the blow was not deliberately delivered.

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