LeBron James tempted by Paris Olympic Games?

After Team USA’s new failure yesterday in the World Cup semifinals, the United States is taking a risk arriving in Paris next year heavily armed to set the record straight. It’s hard to say straight away who will be a part of it, but LeBron James has already started teasing.

When your name is LeBron James, a small post on social media can instantly create a huge stir. King is clearly aware of this and never hesitates to release subliminal messages that will later be analyzed closely. New example yesterday, when LeBron posted a short comment below the account’s view nba central,

🇺🇸 LeBron James hints he could return to Team USA for the 2024 Olympics 😯

@game Center pic.twitter.com/EL5wsT5wK4

– BasketNews (@BasketNews_com) 9 September 2023

You already know the eye emoji.

Is LeBron James planning a final Olympic campaign with Team USA? Does he plan to play with some of the biggest names in American basketball to get the United States back on top after the World Cup failure?

These are inevitable but also legitimate questions for many reasons.

From a personal perspective, LeBron James could aim for a third Olympic gold medal at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, following this with Team Redeem in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012. Three gold medals is another accomplishment you know (Michael Jordan for those who don’t), and an additional accomplishment that always does a legacy good. Additionally, in terms of storytelling, it might also be tempting to have the Americans be one of the faces of a revival after the 2023 World Cup (and 2019) failure, even if we remember that the United States is still the defending Olympic champions. . Finally, perhaps this will be his opportunity to play alongside Stephen Curry in a major international competition, with the Splash Bro never having participated in the Olympics in his career. LeBron has already said that playing with Steph is one of his ultimate wishes in his career.

Who do you want to see on Team USA at next year’s Paris Olympics? pic.twitter.com/jc1jFXoAkK

– ESPN (@espn) 8 September 2023

Whether LeBron – 38 years old and with 20 seasons under his belt – decides to come to Paris or not, the question of the Team USA roster for the 2024 Olympics will be central in the redemption project of Grant Hill (Team USA’s boss). Who among the players in the current team should be brought back? Can NBA MVP Joel Embiid strengthen a weak American racket? Who will be available to represent the flag next summer?

So there are many questions, but above all one that surrounds a certainty: the United States must send a more solid, more balanced and more experienced team to Paris than the one this year. Because otherwise, a new failure – this time on the big Olympic stage – could send Team USA into trouble. Like in Athens 20 years ago.


Text source: NBA Central / LeBron James

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