LeBron with Team USA in Paris? One legend wonders: “If he plays, great, but…”

Will NBA superstar LeBron James (right) represent the United States for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

Luca Dugarro / Basketball Forever (DR)

With the United States’ fourth-place finish at the World Cup barely confirmed, LeBron James will be rushing to gather his troops to overcome this challenge during the 2024 Olympic Games. Apparently determined to be part of the journey, however, he was calmed down by Jyeshtha.

Seeing his country lose credibility on the FIBA ​​scene, he seems ready to wear the warm-up blue again. Eleven years after his last game with Team USA, LeBron James would actually consider representing the United States again in a major international competition. The failure experienced by his compatriots in the recent World Cup will in any case strongly encouraged to make a comeback,

Unable to win a single bronze medal at the World Cup, the Americans logically expected a better showing at the Paris Olympic Games. For this, the king intends to establish a real arsenal. I may have already convinced eleven other NBA superstars, But despite his strong enthusiasm, the need for his presence in the team continues to be debated.

Robert Horry downplays LeBron James’ obsession

As he prepares to begin his 21st season in the North American league, LeBron continues to be one of the best players on the circuit and the planet. As such, the fact that he has been selected by Steve Kerr for the 2024 Olympics should not come as a surprise. However, that didn’t stop Robert Horry from expressing some reluctance on the topic in the last episode of his podcast big shot bob ,

I just think that he has given a lot to this country and has done a lot in his career. If he plays, great, but I think that spot could go to another aspiring superstar, whoever they are, and maybe they should be given a chance to shine as well.

In addition to this altruistic thinking, the seven-time NBA champion believes quitting sports would also benefit LBJ:

If he plays, I’ll be happy, but when your body is showing so much gain, do you want to continue adding to the total while you still have something to accomplish (in your NBA career)?

In other words, performing one last dance in the selection could prove detrimental to the selected individual’s final season in the league.

An argument that can be fully understood by knowing lebron Will celebrate his 39th birthday in a few months. Given the quality of the team he has coming with him at the Lakers and his ambitions, it is also a safe bet that his franchise’s 2023-24 campaign will not end in April. The move from France will therefore reduce his rest period during the off-season, which could have a major detrimental effect on his age.

Should LeBron James wear the Team USA colors at next summer’s Paris Olympics at all costs? While some American fans certainly think so, Robert Horry is less positive and puts forward some serious arguments.

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