LeBron’s shocking revelation about his mother: “I heard gunshots and…

NBA superstar LeBron James (right) and his mother Gloria (left)

LeBron James Family Foundation (DR) / Pierre Hessig

If the living conditions he now displays are near perfect, LeBron James hasn’t always been entitled to such a luxury. This is made possible by the horror stories he tells during his youth with his mother, Gloria.

In addition to his countless records on the NBA court, he can lay claim to being the first billionaire basketball player in history. Suffice it to say that LeBron James knows the keys to success and has been able to do the job perfectly to date. But before being able to live a luxurious lifestyle and can buy the palace for 52 million dollarsHe felt for the first time…sorrow.

LeBron James’s horrifying childhood memories

If he’s always been proud of his roots back in Akron, Ohio, James hasn’t only spent happy days there. Far away from there. He was raised by his mother, Gloria, initially raised in public housing, in an environment rife with poverty and crime. In a biography by Jeff Benedict titled “LeBron,” he looks back candidly on one of his darkest times:

During this dark childhood, LeBron learned to rely on himself. “Whether you like it or not, my mother used to treat me like that. Despite this, LeBron never doubted his mother’s love for him. He was just thinking about his walk. “When you’re all alone and you know your mom isn’t home, you always wonder if those police sirens aren’t for her. ,

In addition to the flashing lights that he used to see scrolling through his window, another very special sound terrified LBJ almost daily:

Those were the nights—almost all—when I heard gunshots and hoped with all my heart that it wasn’t my mom who was at the end of the gun.

Fortunately, he, like Gloria, managed to extricate himself from this most dangerous context without changing his love. Proof of this with the messages Braun sent on his mom’s birthday today:

Happy birthday and beautiful mom!! My love for you keeps on growing with every second, minute, hour and day, month and year!! so proud of you!!! Keep reaching the heights you thought you couldn’t reach! Your son is always inspired by you!

If he’s so proud of his mom today, LeBron James can easily attribute it to the heavy and intimidating environment they both had to deal with in their youth. An atmosphere that would succeed in cementing their relationship forever.

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