Lecce-Inter 0-1, 38 ‘: only yellow for Baschirotto, Lautaro nervous takes revenge on Gonzalez

LECCE 0-1 INTER (2 ‘Lukaku)


36 & # 39; – Inzaghi asks Lautaro for enlightenment, who tells his coach to be fine. Then he violently snatches the ball from Gonzalez, triggering a counterattack on which Lukaku is anticipated for a corner.

35 ‘- Lautaro gets up and goes to claim Prontera. Check finished, you are left with yellow.

33 ‘- Lautaro still on the ground in pain, Prontera tries to clarify with Barella that he is in contact with Banti.

32 ‘- Avalanche intervention on Lautaro, warning for Baschirotto. Inter protests for a potential red, Var at work.

31 ‘ – Hjulmand suddenly launches for Di Francesco, well contrasted by Darmian who also takes the foul.

30 ‘- Now Inter are struggling a little harder to find spaces, the pressure from Lecce works.

27 ‘ – Game clash with Strefezza, Dimarco remains on the ground returning shortly after.

24 ‘- Calhanoglu fails to support for Lukaku, who has something to say to his teammate.

23 ‘ – Brozovic on the fly on a cross from Gosens, blocks a defender.

21 ‘- Cetin must raise the white flag: Blin enters in his place.

20 ‘ – Barella does everything: he snatches the ball from an opponent, starts forward, collides with Gosens then kicks around but Falcone saves.

19 ‘- Brozovic tries the foray into the area but does not find the time to kick, sweeps the defense. Problems for a Lecce defender, ready to join Blin.

18 & # 39; – Good potential action from Lecce, thrown away by Gallo with a cross that goes out on the bottom.

17 ‘- Hjulmand stops Lukaku, roar of the Via del Mare.

15 ‘- Lukaku ready to fly into the area after Cetin’s error, but Prontera stops everything due to a foul by Lautaro.

14 ‘- De Vrij’s throw too deep for Lukaku, the ball ends up in Falcone.

12 ‘ – Bad foul by Hjulmand on Barella, the Nerazzurri remains sore on the ground for a few moments.

11 ‘ – Dimarco risks something on Strefezza, but then manages to earn a foul.

10 ‘- Calhanoglu’s shot from distance, Falcone saves in two stages.

8 ‘ – Stretcher to Arsenio Lupine, snatches the ball from a Lecce defender but then fails to cross. Falcone blocks.

7 ‘- Lautaro stops and turns, then tries a shot that doesn’t frame the goal.

5 ‘- Lecce who tries a reaction, Strefezza earns a corner without success.

4‘- Lukaku points Baschirotto then tries the cross for Lautaro without framing the trajectory.

THE GOAL OF LUKAKU: Not even 90 seconds of play, Skriniar’s bucked then Calhanoglu’s throw for Darmian who heads into the area finding the Belgian who puts the ball behind Falcone from zero meters.



20.47 – Kick-off of the match for Lecce: PARTIES!

20.45 – Handanovic and Hjulmand ahead of Prontera for the draw.

20.44 – Lecce and Inter enter the field right now. Inter on the pitch with the new away shirt.

20.42 – On the stands also the referee designator Gianluca Rocchi, who will monitor Prontera’s performance.

20.35 – Heating concluded, already hot weather at Via del Mare. Kick-off in a few minutes.


2 ‘Lukaku

LECCE: 30 Falcone; 17 Gendrey, 6 Baschirotto, 4 Cetin (21 ’29 Blin) 25 Gallo; 8 Bistrovic, 42 Hjulmand, 16 Gonzalez; 27 Strefezza, 77 Ceesay, 11 Di Francesco.

On the bench: 1 Bleve, 21 Brancolini, 9 Colombo, 10 Di Mariano, 14 Helgason, 19 Listkowski, 22 Banda, 24 Frabotta, 26 Ciucci, 31 Voelkerling, 80 Berisha, 83 Lemmens, 99 Rodriguez.

Trainer: Marco Baroni

INTER: 1 Handanovic; 37 Skriniar, 6 De Vrij, 32 Dimarco; 36 Darmian, 23 Barella, 77 Brozovic, 20 Calhanoglu, 8 Gosens; 90 Lukaku, 10 Lautaro Martinez.

On the bench: 21 Cordaz, 24 Onana, 2 Dumfries, 5 Gagliardini, 9 Dzeko, 11 Correa, 12 Bellanova, 14 Asllani, 22 Mkhitaryan, 46 Zanotti, 47 Fontanarosa, 95 Sticks.

Trainer: Simone Inzaghi.

Referee: Prontera. Assistants: Mondin – L. Rossi. Fourth Official: Mercenary. VAR: Banti. Assistant VAR: Paganessi.

Baschirotto (L)

Corner: 2-2

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