Lecce-Inter 2-1, the report cards: Falcone portacinesca, Lukaku is always him. Dumfries saves Inzaghi

Lecce 1-2 Inter
2 ‘Lukaku (I), 3’ st Ceesay (L), 49 ‘st Dumfries (I)

LECCE (edited by Lorenzo Carini)
Falcone 7 – Unable to avoid Lukaku’s opening goal, he repeatedly closes the gate to opposing attackers in the final stages before undergoing a cold shower in full recovery with Dumfries’ winning tap-in.

Gendrey 6 – Gosens does not seem particularly inspired, but despite this Lecce’s right-back really limits his forays to the right lane to a minimum. He prefers the defensive phase to the offensive one, never proposing himself forward.

Cetin 5 – The first season in the league is to be forgotten: a lot of naivety in the opening bars of the match, then a physical problem that forces him to leave the field well ahead of schedule. From 21 ‘ Blin 6.5 – One of the best, makes several defensive interventions of primary importance on Inter’s attacking references.

Bashkir 5.5 – Party quite subdued, constantly suffers from the accelerations of Lukaku. As the minutes pass, he takes measures to the Belgian Inter Milan striker, managing, as far as possible, not to suffer too much.

Rooster 5.5 – Darmian is lost completely on the occasion of Lukaku’s first goal, leaving all the space in the world to the opposing full-back for the bank towards the attacker positioned in the center of the small area. He never sinks the shot in the lane of his competence.

Bistrovic 5.5 – He shows something good on set pieces, even managing to engage Handanovic in the first half of the second half with a great free-kick from the edge of the penalty area. From 74 ‘ Listkowski 6 – Touch a few balls in the final match.

Hjulmand 6.5 – The Inter midfield is of a completely different category, but that does not discourage him at all. The Dane is not lacking in courage, more than enough performance from him.

Gonzalez 5.5 – Rather in the shadows, he is practically never seen in offensive projection: he only helps the Giallorossi rearguard in moments of maximum push from Inter. From 74 ‘ Helgason 6 – He does not leave his mark, despite playing a good piece of the match to help the Giallorossi defense.

Strefezza 6.5 – It gives the feeling of being one of the key players of this Lecce. He always tries to make a difference, he stands out between the end of the first half and the first phase of the second with various plays “alla Strefezza”.

Ceesay 7 – He stamps the card immediately at his first appearance in Serie A. Great sacrifice, he runs non-stop for over an hour and proves to have fallen into the new reality very well. From 63 ‘ Colombo 5.5 – In over thirty minutes, including recovery, he does not get any chance to hurt Handanovic.

By Francesco 6.5 – Co-star of the equalizer, puts the signature on the assist for Ceesay. Even for him, as for his partner, an evening of pure sacrifice not repaid, however, in the best way due to the defeat arrived in the last action of the challenge. From 74 ‘ Band 6 – As soon as he enters, he immediately tries to scare Handanovic with a shot from a favorable position. He has a good impact on the game, but he can’t make a difference.

Marco Baroni 6.5 – The goal immediately after just eighty-one seconds did not seem to bode well. “His” Lecce starts with the handbrake on, then raises his head with courage, grit and determination, managing to make the game even for a good part of the match: in the final, Inzaghi goes to 4-2-4 and for the Giallorossi it is total suffering. The defense holds up, Falcone does everything possible but on the last corner comes the goal from Dumfries that breaks the enthusiasm of Salento. The signs, however, are encouraging.

Handanovic 6.5- Rather quiet first half in which he does not have to get his gloves dirty, then at the beginning of the second half he suffers a goal on which he can do nothing. However, he redeems himself with a great save on Bistrovic’s free-kick from the edge and then on Banda, keeping him afloat.

Skriniar 5.5 – A little too impetuous in some interventions and distracted in other situations. He duels with Ceesay and limits him throughout the first half paired with De Vrij. In the second half he gets cut out on the occasion of the equal goal of Lecce. Even on Di Francesco’s cuts he is not always very careful and quick to close. From 87 ‘Correa Sv- Enter for the final assault.

De Vrij 6 –Lead the defense without smudging alternating with Skriniar in the marking of Ceesay limiting him to the fullest. He starts the action with confidence, always looking for the simple play and not daring to pass that could put his teammates in difficulty given the pressure of the opponents.

Dimarco 6.5 – He starts as a left central and does not suffer from the initiatives of Strefezza, on the contrary he often and willingly advances on the wing, also doing the work that would be up to Gosens. From his foot comes the goal of the advantage and also other interesting situations. He also tries his personal hit at the net, especially when he moves up in position, but with no luck.

Darmian 6.5 – He has the merit of serving the assist for Lukaku’s advantage with a perfect insertion. One of the many of him in his race in which he grinds kilometers on the wing also proposing inviting balls that his teammates do not exploit properly. From 64 ‘Dumfries 7- He enters the field well, with a good leg and immediately touches the goal by hitting a header post. A lot of running on the wing and excellent insertions on the inactive balls and in the end also the decisive paw arrives that is worth the three points for Inter.

Stretcher 6 –The most active and dynamic of the Nerazzurri midfield. Tireless in both phases of the game and among the last to surrender. He believes in it and also drags his teammates with his determination.

Brozovic 5.5 – He gives order in the middle of the field, but rarely verticalizes as his coach would like. He is also looking for the inclusion in tow, but does not have the right wickedness to take advantage of a good opportunity by getting blocked by the Giallorossi defense. From 57 ‘Mkhitaryan 5.5- It fails to light up and make a difference in the middle of the field. You see and hear little, Inzaghi certainly expects more from him.

Calhanoglu 5m5 – It lights up intermittently and never continuously. He alternates insidious conclusions with others that are not very precise and never manages to assert his superior technical rate. He leaves no trace in over an hour of the game. from 64 ‘Dzeko 6- It increases the weight of the attack and makes the defense of the fort even more complicated by the Giallorossi defense who has to keep an eye on too many players on inactive balls without always succeeding.

Gosens 5 – A distant relative of the winger seen with the Atalanta shirt, he fails to break through in his lane, leaving Dimarco with the burden of putting balls in the middle of the area. Matt race and even in the remnant of recovery does not show the qualities of him. From 57 ‘Sticks 6 – He places himself behind and plays an orderly and careful match without smudging.

Lautaro Martinez 6 – Alternate good games with others that leave you a little perplexed. Above all, it is lacking in the killer instinct that would serve to unlock the race, especially in the second half. He doesn’t lack opportunities, but he either doesn’t frame the door or slams on Falcone and the Giallorossi defense.

Lukaku 6.5 – Ready away and starts from where he left off, or from the goal. Fundamental pivot of the offensive maneuvers of the Nerazzurri who always lean on him, with the Belgian who acts as a bank, opens gaps and when he can he goes to the shot often banging on a really super Falcone. The return of the center forward in Italy is very good.

Simone Inzaghi 6 – His team suffers a lot while going ahead immediately, fails to close the game and risks returning to Milan with a bitter equal. Dumfries’ change is right, but the team does not play as he would like, lacking above all verticality and speed in offensive plays.

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