Lech Poznań – Warta Poznań. Surprisingly few games in the Poznań derby

Together, both Lech and Warta Poznań played quite a lot of seasons in the league, but most often they missed each other. The period of regular stay of the Greens in the highest league is the pre-war period, when Warta – as one of the founders of the league – never left it. Lech, however, was not at the summit then. After the war, the stay at the summit was very short. Still in 1947, Warta Poznań reached for the last non-league Polish championship in history, and when the league resumed the games, the guard played in it for a very short time – only until 1950.

Its fate in Stalinist Poland was closely related to the structure of sport at that time, based on the association of football clubs with large workplaces or departments. Warta Poznań turned out to be homeless and fell quickly. 44 years of absence in the top league, until 1993, is one of the most impressive results in the history of Polish football.

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As a result, Lech Poznań, who stayed outside the league in the second half of the 1950s and in the 1960s, did not have much opportunity to play with Warta. He played with her three two-legged in 1948-1950 and two two-legged in 1993-1995. Added to this was the last-season rivalry, which ended with two winners of Kolejorz in the last minutes – 1-0 at Bułgarska Street and 2-1 at Grodzisk Wlkp. This gives us a total of six two-legged matches, very little for a hundred years of league competition in Poland.

Of these 12 games, the warriors only won two – in 1950 they defeated Lech at home 402, and during the relegation in the spring of 1995 they won at Bułgarska 2-1. And so it did not help them, it turned out that this victory was the last one of the season and Warta said goodbye to the league.

Interestingly, also in other leagues there were not too many clashes between Lech and Warta, mainly due to the permanent game of Kolejorz at the highest level. In 1958-1960 both teams played three two-legged in the second division, and in 1965-1070 also three two-legged in the third division.

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