Leclerc says goodbye, now there are no more doubts: Ferrari fans destroyed

The surrender for Charles Leclerc has now begun, news that has destroyed all Ferrari fans: what will happen now.

With a few races to go, Charles Leclerc can almost mathematically say goodbye to the championship dream, shattering the hopes of the Ferrari fans. Despite this, the Monegasque driver is ready to put on a show.

The Ferrari champion says goodbye to the championship dream (Via Ansa Foto)

The world championship is now as good as it went for Charles Leclerc despite this these six grand prix will be very important for the Ferrari and for the Monegasque driver. The priority is no longer to chase Max Verstappen, but to play better weekends, especially on Sunday. As always, the goal on race day is always victory, but Ferrari this year was very strong on Saturday and too often did not capitalize on the most important day.

So now the rider and the Prancing Horse have a new goal. To the microphones Charles Leclerc he then stated: “Getting the most out of the machine and show that we have learned from our mistakes and know how to lead a perfect weekend, perhaps winning“. Furthermore, the driver said he was very happy that Formula 1 is back in Singapore. Speaking of the track, the number 16 on the grid said: “I love this track, it’s one of my favorites with Munich and Baku. A mental challenge like all citizens, plus it is at night, physically it is also demanding because it is one of the longest of the season, plus you have to remain lucid for all the situations that will occur“. So let’s go and see Leclerc’s words regarding the Singapore circuit.

Ferrari, Charles Leclerc sees Signapore: “One of my favorite tracks”

Charles Leclerc before a race (via AnsaFoto)

Charles Leclerc he then spoke at length about the next race, that of Singapore. She then said to the microphones: “On paper it could be a good race for us, we want to show that we have taken another step forward, it will be a tough challenge. There Red Bull he made a good step forward after the summer, but I think we can have a good race“. Now is the time for the driver to combine the excellent results in qualifying with better performance in the race.

The last victory, in fact, dates back to six races ago, in Austria. On the question concerning the possibility of victory a SingaporeLeclerc replied that he did not know and then continued: “I hope that the victory will return as soon as possible. If I look at this 2022 it must be said that we have made a significant leap forward in performance and this is positive. On the other hand, to fight for the title we have to take another step and this especially on Sunday“. For the next race, therefore, a more incisive Leclerc is expected in the race and ready to compete for the victory

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