Legendary couple: Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Sansa Stark meets the idol of young people

Who has never dreamed of marrying a Jonas Brothers? Well, it’s done for Sophie Turner. Before the rumors of divorce the actress seemed to spin the perfect love with Joe Jonas. A relationship that was formed under the eyes of the fans, of course, but which however remained very discreet.

Before meeting his wife, Joe Jonas had many conquests. And for good reason. Adored singer of the 2000s, he formed in 2005, with his two brothers, Kevin and Nick Jonas, the Jonas Brothers group. At the same time, Sophie Turner was still unknown to the general public. The love life of the youngest had caught the eye of the paparazzi when he started a relationship with Taylor Swift. Three months later, they separate and he appears with actress Camilla Belle. In 2010, the press then lends him a relationship with Demi Lovato, but it is with Ashley Greene that Joe Jonas will live his “first real serious relationship”, as he says. However, eight months later, their story ends. In May 2015, the singer was spotted with Gigi Hadid. After six months of love, the interpreter of “Cake by the Ocean” puts an end to their idyll. Indeed, he accuses the model of having cheated on him with Zayn Malik, also a star of a boy band (One Direction).

A virtual relationship become real

It was during the year 2016 that Joe Jonas met Sophie Turner. The actress is revealed in the famous series “Game of Thrones”, in which she plays the character of Sansa Stark. It is first via social networks that the duo exchanges. “We had a lot of friends in common and they had been trying to introduce us for a long time”, had confided the actress in 2019 in the columns of “Harper’s Bazaar”. After talking for a long time on Instagram, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner finally meet at a party with friends in London. “During the evening, it was great, we were flirting, we were looking for each other and at one point he said to me: ‘People tell me a lot that I look like younger George Clooney’, and I had a giggle, I said to him: “Not at all”. It was really magical after that, we had lots of dates, ”remembered Sophie Turner for “ELLE”. Joe Joans also seemed under the spell from the start of their story: “We knew it was something unique”, he confided in 2019, on the show “Dr Phil”. A romance that will quickly be publicized but the lovebirds will remain very discreet about their private life.

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A surprise wedding

After a year of relationship, Joe Jonas launches out and asks for Sophie Turner’s hand. The young woman was then 21 years old and the criticisms concerning her age and her engagement rained down. Despite this, the actress feels ready to commit: “I think once you find the right person, you know it. I feel like a much older soul than my age,” she told “Rolling Stone.” The same year, Sophie Turner appeared in the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” clip, alongside the wives of Nick and Kevin Jonas: Priyanka Chopra and Danielle Jonas. Two years after her proposal, the couple surprised fans by getting married in Las Vegas, just hours after the Billboard Music Awards. A ceremony which their subscribers were able to attend since it was broadcast live on Instagram. A month later, however, they organized a more formal celebration, in Carpentras, in the south of France. Right after their wedding, the newlyweds flew to the Maldives and Italy for their honeymoon. A happiness that they then shared on social networks.

In February 2020, the American press announced that the couple was expecting their first child. Sophie Turner’s pregnancy remained very discreet. In July 2020 they welcome a granddaughter, Willa Jones. The following year the lovebirds decide to leave Los Angeles to settle in Miami. In May 2022, Sophie Turner officially announced her second pregnancy to “ELLE”: “We are so happy to expand the family. It’s the best blessing there is,” she said.

The couple announce their divorce

Only, for several weeks, their happiness seemed to darken. On September 3, “TMZ” announced that Joe Jonas was considering filing for divorce. According to the media, the couple have been experiencing “serious problems” for about six months. In addition, Joe Jonas has been seen several times without his alliance and the two stars have just sold their property in Miami. The rumors will finally be confirmed this Wednesday, September 6: Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas formalize their divorce. In a statement, they wrote: “After four wonderful years of marriage, we have mutually decided to end our marriage amicably. There are many assumptions about the reasons for this decision, but it is a common decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wish to preserve our privacy and that of our children. »

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