Legia issued a communiqué regarding Emreli. “A series of false innuendo and assertions” Soccer

Although the players of Legia Warszawa in Dubai are preparing for the spring league round, and Mahir Emreli is among the players appointed for the training camp, Azer does not train with the team, but ponders how to free himself from the capital club.

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All because of what happened after the December game with Wis³ ± P³ock (0: 1), when the coach with the team was attacked by a group of hooligans. Emreli, as well as Luquinhas, suffered the most and although he originally expressed a desire to stay with the Legion, he ultimately made the decision to leave the club.

But it won’t be that easy. Especially since the player’s lawyers went to the war with the Polish champions. Emreli’s representatives sent a letter to Legia in which they demanded that the contract be terminated unilaterally due to the club’s fault and that the player be paid the rest of the financial liabilities. Obviously, Legia does not agree to such conditions of parting, so the case will most likely end in court.

Emreli’s lawyer accuses Legia

On Wednesday, the player’s lawyer added fuel to the fire, who gave bizarre statements in an interview so as not to write scandalous statements. – We informed the club that we could unilaterally terminate the contract and we had the necessary documents. The first is the doctor’s opinion obtained in Poland in the case of a beating, and the second is the psychologist’s opinion obtained in Turkey, according to which the player will not be able to concentrate on football and will not return to Poland – said Anil Dicner in an interview with the Report.az portal.

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And he added: – I asked the club a question: how could it be possible to stop a bus escorted by the police? The police have guns, after all, and they can prevent it. But nothing was done, only looked. Second, who opened the bus door? Fans could easily enter it and hit the players. Besides, Mahir was sitting in seat number 16, which is in the back. Why did the fans do nothing to the players in the front rows, but hit Emreli and Luquinhas, who were sitting further away? And why did they attack two foreigners and did nothing to Polish footballers? What would happen if they came in with a knife?

– Unfortunately, I also think that this action was organized by the club. Why? The history of Legia is dark. Fans go to the Netherlands and attack Ajax fans, hurt the English police during a match against Leicester. In addition, they enter the club’s premises and attack the assistant coach and players. That’s not the first time. Such a system has been established between the club and the fans. Someone has to teach the Legia leadership.

Legia reacts

On Wednesday afternoon, the Polish champions issued an official announcement on this matter. “Due to the emerging media messages regarding the relationship between Legia Warszawa and its player Mahir Emreli, we would like to inform you that Mahir Emreli has a valid contract and is a club player. Legia has repeatedly called on the player to return to the club and perform his obligations under the contract again, such as also offered the player all the necessary support “- we read on the club’s official website.

“The club constantly strives to reach an agreement and talks with the player and his representatives. At the same time, the club will not disclose their content and arrangements, taking into account their confidential nature and the good of negotiations.”

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“We would also like to inform you that we will not publicly refer to the media statements of the player’s representative, Mr. Anil Dincer, which contain a number of false innuendo and statements that have no factual or legal basis”.

Emreli joined Legia last summer from the Azerbaijani Karabakh. The 24-year-old played in 33 matches, scoring 11 goals and having two assists.

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