Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Basketball: Emotions in Bemowo. Legia won with Czarny Słupsk!

photo by Jacek Prondzynski

From the first minutes in Warsaw, we watched an even spectacle, at the beginning the guests from Słupsk had a slight advantage, in whose colors they presented themselves very well Mikołaj Wiltliński. In the next minutes after a spectacular dunk Adam KempLegia took the first lead. In the next fragment, the hosts caught the wind in their sails and after three and a 2 + 1 action Strahinja Jovanovic the advantage grew. After another Kemp rebound and counter points Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman, after less than 5 minutes of the game it was 16: 5. After a break on request for the coach Martynas Cesnauskis visitors started to defend better and accelerated the game in attack, which allowed them to complete the series 10: 2 and reduce the losses to 3 “points”. At the end of this edition, the legionnaires had problems with finding clean positions in the attack and the guests after the two-shot Brand Klassen with the middle one Caliph Young set the result of this quarter at 22:20. After 10 minutes of play, the players who played the game had 8 assists to their credit.

The next quarter started with losses on both sides and a good game in defense, neither of the teams was able to find their way to the basket for more than three and a half minutes. He only broke the shooting power of both sides with the three-pointers Grzegorz Kulka, and after a while on the other side, Witliński turned out to be effective under the basket. Once again Jovanović took on the burden of scoring points, who in this match had a low strength and after a weaker start, the legionnaires were gaining an advantage, which 2 minutes before the break already reached 10 “points”. In the first half, Legia’s best scorer from the previous match, Cowels, had a completely disrupted sight, and Abdur-Rahkman, the second peripheral American playing for the Legia, has had problems with effectiveness for two rounds. In the end, Legia was leading after the first half 38:29, and as many as 15 points were scored by Jovanović, and he already had three blocks on his account Dariusz Wyka.

After the change of sides, first Jure Skifić showed off the customs of three, and thus on the other side of the prarquet he replied Beau Beech. The latter kept the guests in the game, scoring 8 points in four minutes of this edition, but the legionnaires in this fragment played much more as a team, and another 7 “points” were added by Jovanović and Legia was leading 53:38. Black started to use the physical advantage of their middle Young, which allowed to reduce the losses to just 8 points, which in the end was even reduced by young players from Słupsk Jakub Musiał and Bartosz Jankowski and after 30 minutes it was only 57:51.

In the decisive version, both teams started to defend even harder and once again we watched a longer fragment without points, which after more than 2.5 minutes was broken by the drive to the basket, Jovanović, who is today reliable. In the following actions, the guests had open positions for throws, but Klassen offended them with ineffectiveness. Black signal to attack again gave another accurate hit for three Beech, for whom it was already 4 “three”. 4 minutes before the end of the dunk he showed off Billy Garett and with only 4 points advantage, Wojciech Kamiński asked the coach for time. Unfortunately, after a short break, the legionnaires lost a 24-second error, and Garett reduced the losses to 2 “points”, with each successive action you could see how self-confidence grows in the visiting team. Unfortunately, 2 minutes before the end, Klassen scored his first three-pointers in the match and the visitors took a minimal lead. With 50 seconds before the end, Garett made the loss, and Jovanović scored a successful throw from the middle distance. The inhabitants of Słupsk did not use their chance and 11 seconds before the end of the regular time of the game, Abdur-Rahkman went to the free-throw line, who used both of them to lead Legia to a three-point lead. Unfortunately Skifić fouled Beech on a three-point throw, who was right and we had a draw. On the other side of the court, Jovanović was fouled and after his two personal goals it was 68:66. The basketball players from the seaside had 4 seconds for the last action, but Abdur-Rahkman showed a phenomenal block in the last action and Legia defeated Czarni Słupsk 68:66 after amazing emotions.

The legionnaires will play the next match on Saturday, December 4, at 19:30. Then they will play away with King Szczecin in the 13th league round.

Legia Warsaw – Czarni Słupsk 68:66 (22:20, 16: 9, 19:22, 11:15)

Legia: Strahinja Jovanović 30 points 5 collection 5 as. 3 pp., Muhammad-Ali Abdur-Rahkman 12 pts. 3 sets 1 as. 4 pp., Jure Skifić 9 points. 5 collection 1 assistant, Grzegorz Kulka 8 points 4 collection, Adam Kemp 4 points 5 group, Raymond Cowels III 3 points 5 group, Łukasz Koszarek 2 points, Dariusz Wyka 0 points 6 collection 2 as. 4 bl., Grzegorz Kamiński 0 points, Benjamin Didier-Urbaniak 0 points, Szymon Kołakowski- ,. Jakub Sadowski-,

Blacks: Beau Beech III 19 points 8 group, Kalif Young 12 points 9 banks, Billy Garrett 11 points 2 tanks 5 as. 4 pages, Mikołaj Witliński 8 points. 2 tanks 1 assistant, Bartosz Jankowski 6 points 1 tank 1 assistant, Marek Klassen 5 points 6 collection 15 as. 4 pages, Jakub Musiał 5 points 4 tanks 2 as. 3 pages, Dawid Słupiński 0 points 3 collection, Błażej Kulikowski 0 points, Adrian Kordalski-, Przemysław Szczepanek-

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