Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Dariusz Mioduski: We want to hire Marek Papszun

Does Legia want to hire Marek Papszun as the first team coach?

– Yes. I can confirm that we want to communicate with the trainer and his staff. If it is not possible to hire him in winter, we are ready to wait until the end of the season.

I also believe that the addition of coach Papszun will be a very positive change for Legia Warszawa and that he will be able to use the full potential of our club, which today has the conditions for development at the level of leading European brands. We all want to watch the Warsaw attacking team, playing spectacularly, winning and dominating PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa, which naturally gives a chance for good matches in European cups.

A bold declaration.

– I want to develop a club with a coach for whom the ethos of hard work combined with full professionalism is the credo of the coaching profession. The positive, although not obligatory, is that coach Papszun is from Warsaw and he understands what Legia is for Warsaw and the fans, he understands the atmosphere at every stadium in Poland, as soon as our club coach arrives.

What about coach Marek Gołębiewski?

– Here it is worth paying attention to two issues. First of all, it is the current and future role of coach Marek Gołębiewski. It was a difficult decision. We entrusted the function to a trainer, Marek Gołębiewski, who has undergone a detailed verification in the reserves, and his personality, workshop and mentality certainly belong to the category of those we want. We did not want to hire an external “firefighter”. Of course, we know that by giving coach Gołębiewski this temporary chance, we have thrown him into a very deep, restless water. However, he knew what to write for, and we knew that we were temporarily ready for such a risk. I am convinced that it is also an important time for the development of coach Gołębiewski, we support him all the time and we will certainly not give up his further work in the club. Taking responsibility at this point, he showed character.

The second aspect is that we have made frequent changes to the coach position in recent years. It can be said that a potential mistake that I take on the chest was hiring trainers primarily for the result, under time pressure, under the pressure of the media and various types of experts. We made such decisions, because the most important thing was to win the Polish championship and we usually achieved this goal. And although the employed coaches guaranteed us short-term success, the team did not develop in the long term. And so it was with coach Michniewicz, who after all had the appropriate workshop and experience.

We talked to the trainer regularly, I shared my comments and suggestions because we all saw what was happening that we were not going in the right direction. The coach himself admitted that he had been given a lot of time to overcome the crisis, but it did not work.

Today we appreciate the work of coach Gołębiewski, and at the same time we prepare well in advance to cooperate with coach Papszun.

Points are fleeing, the situation in the league is getting more and more difficult. Are you not afraid that Legia will end the round in the relegation zone?

– No, because I know and I have seen that this team could afford Bodo / Glimt, Slavia Praga, Spartak or Leicester. I have very high expectations, above all, for the most experienced players who should take responsibility in a difficult period. We have full-time representatives of their countries in the team, we have Poles who know the league like their own pocket. They must show their strength in the dressing room and on the pitch, and not in front of TV cameras. Everyone should start improving with themselves, from rethinking their approach and commitment. There will be no sacred cows in Legia, I want to make it clear. Playing here is meant to be an honor, not a coupon. That’s why the whole team has to get up now.

The season is not lost. Of course, in the current situation, stabilization in the league will be a priority, but we are still fighting to play in Europe in the spring, we will be fighting for the Polish Cup. In order to get out of the crisis and return to our place as soon as possible, we must rebuild the ethos of hard, smart work, and not look for excuses. Success must not lull us anymore, this is perhaps the most telling lesson for us today. You could say we are undergoing shock therapy. It is very painful for all of us, but we will get out of it.

What about the sports division, which is currently responsible for transfers? Does the president anticipate any changes in his functioning?

– We are strengthening it, there will be changes in it, we will inform about them soon. Regardless of the decisions regarding the first coach, from January 1, probably one of the best trainers-analysts of the “young generation”, who also specializes in set pieces, will join the staff. Together with the new trainer, we will also strengthen other positions in the staff.

Which positions on the team require the most urgent reinforcement in the winter transfer window?

– We can all see what a loss for the team is the absence of Artur Boruc. We are aware that in the current situation our young goalkeepers have been thrown into very deep water. They were supposed to play in a different way, with more peace, but as you can see life wrote its script. We know that we need someone who, thanks to experience, will give us more confidence in the goal, while believing in the possibilities of Czarek Miszta and Kacper Tobiasz, who have the potential to make a career similar to their great predecessors in Legia. There is a lot of work ahead of them, we have a plan for their development, while the well-being of the first team of Legia will always be a priority. We also have an idea for the development of young footballers, our pupils.

What would you like to convey to the Legia fans at the end?

– First of all, to apologize once again for the mistakes made, because no one is going to escape from responsibility, including me. We always expect success. We always want to see maximum commitment and how our club wins. To experience moments like during the match against Leicester in our stadium. Celebrate success with the absolutely phenomenal support of our fans. I know that all those who love Legie experience our present situation strongly. Our fans, footballers, club employees. Our business partners and cooperators. We hear the words of criticism and understand them. But let us not fall into disgust, as some critics do. I do not mean fans, but numerous “advisers” activating in the media. Let me just remind you how many training pitches Legia had, what the club looked like a few years ago, without the excellent background, which is currently LTC. It’s easy to manage someone else’s money. I urge all of my critics to invest their money in football.

Yes, we have a serious sports crisis, but we will get out of it. This is a transitional period that we want to use as wisely as possible, so that such problems do not repeat themselves anymore. This is a challenge that we will deal with. I would like to thank the fans for their support with all my heart, because it is always easy to pat the back with successes, but now they show great responsibility. Now we are not giving up, but making changes with the feeling that we have to work hard, organic in order to get back to the game.

I can assure you that the coming months will be extremely busy for me and the sports department. I expect determination, determination, proof of my skills and victory from the fighting team, which will give a positive impulse at the end of the round. I can only ask for support in the match against Jagiellonia. We never cease to be supporters of Legia, but I hope that the reasons to feel proud of supporting Legia will come back soon.

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