Legia.Net – Legia Warsaw – Grzegorz Szeliga: I sold Legia a championship match

Grzegorz Szeliga joined Legia in 1987, played 20 matches, scored 4 goals. Then he also performed in the capital Gwardia, Jagiellonia Białystok, and in 1993 he joined Wisła Kraków. This year, “Military” lost the Polish championship by the decision of the Polish Football Association. It was about allegations of corruption, including Legia’s 6-0 victory against “Biała Gwiazda” in the last round.

How did it come about?

– I got money from Legia. After all, I played there before.

Who was to give the money?

– Legion activists. All the time I was struggling with the thought that I had done wrong. Then I took the money and the game was sold.

Are you sure you want us to write about this?

– Yes. I am dying. I can’t take it to the grave. I have to tell you about it. I played for Legia, I played for Wisła. I did what I did. My sons play football and they resent me a lot. But I’ve been struggling with this for 30 years.

Have you talked to your relatives about this situation? About the fact that you want to make such a confession?

– I was constantly struggling with the thoughts that I had done wrong. All my life I have wanted to talk about it. My wife knew about it. Now I said … Maybe emotional, but I don’t want to take this secret to my grave. I declare with full awareness that I have done it. I’m 53 years old and I got money not to score in this game. This is the most honest truth. I’ve never done things like this in my life … I know I’m going to be screwed up, but I’m not doing it for publicity. I want all of Poland to know that this match has been sold.

Why are you saying you are dying?

– I’m sick. I’m dying of cancer …

You can read the entire conversation at sport.tvp.pl.

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