Legions flirt with history. After the worst season in decades

Legia scored worse than in the times when the wife of the manager, Łobacz, was responsible for the food in the club, making mortadella sandwiches at six in the morning. The legion that twisted the league’s losing streak, the longest since Adolf Hitler ruled Germany, and the Zeppelin journey was considered a convenient way of transport across the ocean. Legia is entering the motorway with full impetus for its worst league season in the 21st century, and at that moment waving through the window at such powers as ŁKS Wojciech Stawowy, falling from the league or Zagłębie Sosnowiec, relegated from the first round.

Footballers always say that they dream of going down in the history of the club. Well, gentlemen legionnaires – congratulations, you made it. Your achievements this fall are already an entry in the historical book of Legia, but you will probably not want to sign these books.


In the 21st century, Legia had different stages. The first decade was dominated by Wisła Kraków. At that time, Legia did not go in the cups much more often than it did. But in the end, it’s still impressive: In the twenty-first century, Legia never fell out of the four.

Seasons without a medal are:

  • 02/03 – 4th place
  • 09/10 – 4th place

She did not win the Polish Cup then, so 03/04 and 10/11 are the only seasons in the 21st century when she did not play in the cups. Even on 07/08 it is at least Intertoto, even with Vetra (Legia was bronze then, and only the champion and runner-up were promoted to the cups through the league).

Interestingly, the 02/03 season is also a season quite successful in terms of the cup, because with Utrecht’s 7-2 on aggregate, as well as fighting as an equal with Schalke. In the first decade of the 21st century, it was Legia’s greatest cup successes. There were also matches against Barcelona that season, lost 0: 3, 0: 1. In the 02/03 season, Legia lost only four matches, and at home only one. She scored with an average of 2.0 points per game. She lost the game for a medal with GKS Katowice, and it is known what matters soon after Piotr Dziurowicz’s activities saw the light of day.

09/10 was a season without a striker – Iwański and Grzelak were the team’s top scorers, scoring a crazy six goals. Legia finished terribly – the last four matches were one point, against Bełchatów. This meant that she ended the season in such a place, and the bronze was won by Ruch.

But still – these are unsuccessful seasons only in the scale of Legia. The start of the season with the Champions League, 16/17, was exceptionally bad, but they caught up there:

  • Legia in the first twelve queues collected a thud from Górnik Łęczno, Arka at home, Termalika, Zagłębie at home, Pogoń
  • the problem was that the thirteenth round was a breakthrough, a victory over Lech Poznań; After this victory, Legia had 16 points and a place in the middle of the table, not at the end of the table
  • then she started a series of victories

Number of Legia defeats in each of the 21st century seasons:

  • 21/22 – 10
  • 20/21 – 4
  • 19/20 – 10
  • 18/19 – 9
  • 17/18 – 11
  • 16/17 – 6
  • 15/16 – 6
  • 14/15 – 9
  • 13/14 – 8
  • 12/13 – 3
  • 11/12 – 7
  • 10/11 – 11
  • 09/10 – 8
  • 08/09 – 5
  • 07/08 – 7
  • 06/07 – 10
  • 05/06 – 4
  • 04/05 – 5
  • 03/04 – 2
  • 02/03 – 4
  • 01/02 – 3
  • 00/01 – 8

The record is at your fingertips. The problem, however, is that in such a record 17/18 Legia won the Polish championship anyway, and on 10/11 it was promoted to cups anyway through the league.


Only twice after World War II, Legia took the “double-digit” position in the league, taking 10th position. The first time in 1950 and the second time in the 91/92 season. The 1950 one is a dramatic fight for maintenance, the finish with the same number of points as Górnik Bytom, but let’s also put it like this: Legia was not Legia then in the sense it is today. She was promoted to the tournament not long before that. Ancient times. A season in the genre of “who knows what would have been if Legia had fallen then, but it was the club before all the greatest successes”.

The season 91/92 is much more interesting, because At that time, Legia was fighting for maintenance, which was also associated with … a gigantic success in the Cup Winners’ Cup. Until today, that spring is the last one when the Polish club won the tie – Legia then beat Sampdoria and entered the semi-finals.

But in a league? Paweł Paczul and Norbert Skórzewski devoted a report to that season, hence we know that, to put it mildly, that crisis had other foundations. For example – a complete lack of money. There were no transfers for months. Economic transformation in Poland, Legia looking for its identity in a new reality. Relentless turbulence. The team was led by the late Krzysztof Etmanowicz for most of the season, he was the coach of the second team and generally in his career he led clubs from the lower leagues. He couldn’t control the locker room full of strong characters.

Maciej Szczęsny eloquently recalled: – The time when we almost fell out of the league was a very difficult period in my life. Same as for many of my teammates, regardless of how they approached the games throughout the season. It doesn’t matter if they put all their hearts into all the meetings. As we were on the brink of the precipice, our legs gave way. The moment when everyone realized that in a moment we can brand with their names the Legia’s congress to the second league made it even more difficult for us to play. At one point, the whole situation was very depressing for us. We were young people, 25, 26, 27 years old. There were not too many experienced players in the team who ate bread from more than one oven and who would be able to cool us down, when we realized that in a moment we could write a black page in the history of Legia. The atmosphere was thick. I don’t mean we were arguing. It was just fear that had big eyes. Suddenly, we stopped believing in our worth. Perhaps we often overestimated her, but at that moment we definitely underestimated her, because we were not so weak to fight for maintenance until the penultimate queue – notes Szczęsny.

That season, Legia wintered in the relegation zone (four teams fell). The matter was serious.

Legia had such a situation in the table with two more rounds before the end.

She played with Motor away and ŁKS at home. The key was Motor, which – as you can see – had something to fight for. But he lost 0: 3 at home to Legia, he did not field the loaned Leszek Pisz for this match, Legia added the ŁKS backing and ended the disastrous league season.

It is interesting, however, that comparing that Legia, wintering in the relegation zone, after thirteen matches it is still better than the current one. Two-point wins were then counted, but if three points were counted – two wins, seven draws, thirteen points. Well, those draws – Legia had relatively few defeats, but was going for the record in draws.

Raków will play Cracovia? Course 2.30 in Fuksiarz!

Let it catch on: Today, Legia looks much worse than a weakened team, consumed by transformational problems, having young people right next to the starting line-up, to put it mildly, not always as talented as Kowal. Poverty screeched – the legends passed the sandwiches of manager Łobacz, who prepared provisions for the legionnaires at home.

Something tells us that Kastrati or Jędrzejczyk is enough until the first one, and for breakfast there are no mortadella sandwiches made socially by the manager at six in the morning.


Yesterday, the football environment was actually an electrifying curiosity: Legia lost seven consecutive league matches for the last time in 1936, i.e. in the only season when they were relegated from the league. The game with Jagiellonia will have a huge stake, because the current players can save an exceptionally black card.

But let’s also look at other clubs for context. Because the current streak of Legia is something that only the worst of the worst in the 21st century in Ekstraklasa do.

  • In the 19/20 season, ŁKS was 21 points behind a safe place in the table; do you remember how he was the point supplier and a laughing stock at the end? Then, between June 10 and July 11, he lost seven consecutive games, Legia is therefore as bad as the one with no prospects for maintaining ŁKS. If he misses the match with Mamrot’s gang, he will also equalize the worst series of this team (eight league blows between the 3rd and 10th series of games)
  • or let’s take another historical team, very special. Zagłębie Sosnowiec 07/08, a club that knew before the ESA start that they would be relegated. In Ekstraklasa, he fought whether he would play a level lower or two levels lower in the next season. Abstraction of those times. Playing there – total suicide. Sosnowiec finished the season with 16 points. Between March and April, he lost seven consecutive games, Legia with Jagiellonia can beat this amazing, historic team.

Fortunately, they are still weaker. The Brazilian Chase of Antoni Ptak, flying into the abyss with players brought from the beaches, lost nine consecutive matches at the end of the 06/07 season. The legionnaires, consolation, Marcio Tinga, Campos, Otavio Dutra and company were weaker than you, however. A better result than KSZO 02/03, which twisted fifteen consecutive losses, you probably won’t do.

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