LEGO Fortnite: How to Get Themes

lego fortnite This is a simple crafting game where players can turn a simple piece of land into a beautiful landscape by building a village on it. Players must acquire various resources to construct buildings in order to upgrade and advance in the game.

There are several recipes and buildings lego fortnite This requires threading. Players can obtain two types of thread in the game: silk and heavy wool.Players who need clarification on how to get clues lego fortnite You can read this guide.


LEGO Fortnite: Best Vehicles Ranked

Vehicles make life easier in LEGO Fortnite. Below is a list of the best vehicles players can build.

How to make threads in Lego Fortnite

spinning wheel in lego fortnite

Unfortunately, players cannot find the thread in its processed form in the game. Instead, they needed to find and process the heavy wools and silks scattered across the map. These resources are processed through the production station to obtain thread types. The crafting station required for this purpose is the spinning wheel.

Players can unlock a spinning wheel by building a lumber mill, which requires eight planks, five sticks, five logs, and five wolf claws to craft. Sticks and planks can be obtained by processing wood in the lumber mill. Wolf Claws are difficult to find as they require the player to defeat wolves in the Grassland biome.

How to get thread in Lego Fortnite

Silk thread is made by processing silk on a spinning wheel. Players can obtain silk by killing spiders. Each time a spider is killed, it will drop some silk, which can be collected by the player nearby. Killing the spider is not a difficult task, a hit with a wooden dagger is enough. Afterwards, players can process silk through a spinning wheel to obtain silk thread.

How to get Thick Wool Thread in Lego Fortnite

Players can obtain heavy wool thread by processing heavy wool with a spinning wheel. Thick wool is plentiful in the game and can be found by opening chests or petting rams. Rams are four-legged gray animals with black curly horns. Unlike sheep, they live in the Frostlands biome.

Furthermore, they are friendly animals. Players can approach them and pet them to obtain heavy wool. Alternatively, players can explore the shattered buildings of the Frostlands in search of treasure chests.

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December 7, 2023


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