LEGO Fortnite player shares genius way to mark cleared caves

Daniel Appleford

One LEGO Fortnite player has found a great way to use map markers to remember which caves have been cleared.

The survival-based open world introduced by Fortnite was an instant success among fans. Especially those who are LEGO fans and want to bring this building experience to life.

The game mode launched alongside Fortnite Festival and Rocket Racing, with player numbers peaking at over 2 million within its first week of release. It’s just a million shy of the regular battle royale’s peak viewership.

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However, player numbers have been declining since then, with daily concert player counts falling below 200,000, largely due to a large number of unfixed bugs and the need to add more content. That said, players are still finding new ways to streamline their LEGO Fortnite experience, especially when it comes to exploring caves.

Map markers are great for caves, but there’s a problem

A Reddit user posted on the official LEGO Fortnite subreddit asking other players if they were the only ones using map markers to identify caves that no longer have resources. However, according to commenters below the post, the concept itself is not unique.

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One commenter noted that while map markers are very useful, they have their drawbacks, particularly the limited number that can be used.

“I marked every cave entrance I ran through: red for desert, blue for snow, green for grassland, destroying/rebuilding it to gray after exploration,” one commenter said. “Then there’s the horrible ‘u There’s too much of this stuff.’” It’s really annoying. Even with no respawn material yet, limiting my ability to exhaustively catalog caves on the map makes me just… not want to explore. “

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One player echoed the sentiment: “It’s like I’m playing a watered-down version of Minecraft for older consoles.”

Players are fleeing Lego Fortnite in droves, frustrated by restrictions on villagers, buildings and map markers. Hopefully this lack of freedom will be adjusted in future updates, which players are currently working on.

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