Leicester – Legia. Marcin Mieniel criticizes the players of Legia. Europa League

Marcin Mieniel spoke in an interview for TVP Sport. The former Legia footballer criticized the recent performance of Legia, criticizing the players’ game and the tactics of the team in subsequent matches. The former striker diagnosed the main problem of the Polish champions.

– If I were to be coach Marek Gołębiewski, I would focus on defense. Górnik Zabrze or Łęczna are not the top teams, and they created several situations in the matches with Legia. It can’t be like that. In European cups, the team was lucky a few times, but he is no longer there. The team is losing far too many goals – said Marcin Mieniel.

Mięćl also mentioned other players from outside Poland who play in Legia, but have not shown the right skills recently. The former attacker cannot understand this state of affairs.

– It is incomprehensible to me, because these players should do well in Ekstraklasa. They wouldn’t have to be a leader or third, but the current situation is incredible. After all, even the underdogs of the league from time to time win or draw a match. In the case of Legia, we have only defeats since September – said the former footballer.

– Recently Ihor Charatin for sure. If you know the situation and the coach puts you in the first squad, you have to do your best. You may not be in the form of life, but you cannot be so invisible, you cannot help but fight. If I were the coach, I would give him a yellow card – added Marcin Mieniel, who cannot understand the attitude of Ihor Charatin in the matches so far.

The five-time Polish representative believes that Legia is not deprived of a chance in the match against Leicester City, and a possible victory at the King Power Stadium may result in a significant improvement in the mood in the club.

– I do not cancel Legia before the Thursday game. The match in Warsaw showed that Leicester is not out of reach. Legionnaires should step back, focus on sound defense, and try to launch counterattacks. A possible win or draw will be a big boost for self-confidence. Leicester does not impress, Legia can make a surprise again. I hope that the team will break through as soon as possible and will also start marching up the table in Ekstraklasa – stated the former long-time player of Legia Warszawa.

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