Leilani Sarelle from “Basic Instinct” to sommelier: enough cinema and “hot” roles

In the life of Leilani Sarelle there is a first and a second time. Most of her remember her in the sexy and murky role of “Roxy”, the girlfriend of writer and alleged murderer Catherine Tramelle, played by Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct”. Film of her in an epoch-making way. As an actress, Sarelle appeared, among others, in “Days of Thunder” with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Lots of TV, from “Glee” to “The Mentalist” to “LA Law” and “Femme Fatales”. Often in “hot” roles, and as a dark lady. She is the mother of three children, born in 1966, she was the wife of actor Miguel Ferrer for a long time. Her life today is completely different.

Since 2016 Leilani Sarelle has decided to move away from entertainment and acting. The second period of her life coincides with a return to studies. She graduated in languages ​​and in particular in French from the University of California, she is now continuing her studies up to the third level of certification in wine culture at the iCue Culinary School. While she carries on her project as a sommelier and entrepreneur linked to the world of wine, she uses French as a door to open up other opportunities beyond those offered by the sector in the United States.

Previously we had written here about the change of life of another actress, this time coming from the hard, Savannah Samson, real name Natalie Oliveros, who for years has left that world becoming an appreciated wine producer Brunello di Montalcino on his La Fiorita estate in Tuscany.

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