‘Lemonade’ Beyoncé’s first album all tracks on the Hot 100, check it out

The album “Lemonade” turned six years old, he was Released on April 26, 2016, the project is Beyoncé’s sixth studio album.

The official album cover “Lemonade”. (Photo: Publicity/taken from the Beyoncé website).

The introduction of the work brought a series of questions considered as personal, aimed at infidelity and self-knowledge, as well as strong debates of a social nature, linked to issues such as female empowerment, gender roles, police violence and various aspects that deal with the way in which Structural racism has settled in modern society and also reflects the singer’s own personal life, who at the time was experiencing difficulties in her marriage after the betrayal of her current husband Jay-Z.

Beyoncé’s new movie album frame. Photo: Reproduction/taken from the brasildefato website).

Beyoncé defined her work as “Conceptual that was based on every woman’s journey to self-knowledge and healing”.

One of the official images that shows an empowered Beyoncé who dialogues with black feminism in the clip “Sorry”. (Photo: Reproduction/taken from the Beyoncé website).

The album contains 12 tracks that have an indisputable quality, however, 11 of them correspond to a specific poem by Warsan Shire, a Somali writer, poet and publisher, born in Kenya and raised in London. the twelfth track “Formation”, it concerns the epilogue of the work and presents the track that is the flagship. The work “Lemonade” went down in history by becoming the first album by a female artist to have all tracks charting simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming one of the most important of her career, not for nothing, which fans call ‘Queen B’.

It contains a mixture of styles such as R&B with pop, rock, gospel, rap, trap, soul, country and other styles and also reflects the singer’s own personal life, who at the time was going through difficulties in her marriage after the betrayal of her current husband Jay-Z. .

In addition, Rolling Stone Brasil has listed five iconic songs from the emblematic record that are “Sorry”, “Daddy Lessons”, “6 Inch”, “Don’t Hurt Yourself” and “Formation“. Among the five, there will be the two clips “Sorry”, and “Daddy Lessons”.

The clip definition “Sorry” shows empowered Beyoncé, who dialogues with black feminism. Check out the clip below:

Watch the clip. (Video: Playback/Youtube).

the next clip, “Daddy Lessons” the track is country-style, which critically addresses the lessons taught by his own father. See the clip:

Watch the clip. (Video: Playback/Youtube).

When it was in 2016, with only six months of release, according to data from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), it was the best-selling CD of the year, resulting in 2.5 million copies.

In 2021, the singer published a post about the album’s fifth anniversary with the caption thanking her about her gratitude for the project and the importance it had in her career.

Check out the post with some official photos from the clip. (Photo: Playback/Instagram/@beyonce).

The results obtained in 2021, given to the Tracklist website, reported that he surpasses 72 million copies sold during his solo career, in which the album “Lemonade” totals more than five million, resulting in the total sales of his entire discography.

Featured Photo: Beyonce. Reproduction/Taken from Beyoncé’s website

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