Lena Dunham’s most beautiful looks

Lena Dunham’s most beautiful looks (On Friday 13 May 2022)
Lena Dunham he has never hidden his love for the fashion system, as well as for decluttering. The actress is best known for starring in Girls.
Lena Dunham he has a weakness for clothes, he collects many, even on the occasion of the red carpets, but at the same time he allows himself one decluttering per year, donating or selling what he no longer wears and often for a good cause (Planned Parenthood or See Spot Rescued are the most recent). “I’m lucky enough to get so many things for free, because the horrible irony is that the more you have the chance to afford this world, the more things are offered to you. I had the opportunity to wear designer clothes that go beyond the imagination and an invitation to introduce myself in very glamorous places “. Yet, for Lena Dunhamthe memory …Read on velvetmag


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