Lensa, the phenomenon of the app that creates beauty portraits

TOOther than year-end social summaries: the App is all the rage Lensa, who is conquering many with his beauty fantasy portraits created by an artificial intelligence. Among the celebrities who have tried and shared this digital game there are also Megan Fox and Sharon Stone, with surprising results.

Lensa, the App that creates digital beauty portraits

Lensa is the most downloaded application of the moment, basically an artificial intelligence that creates spectacular digital portraits inspired by Manga, fantasy fairies and robots from your own photo or selfie. Even some celebrities let themselves be tempted by the game and shared some of the portraits on their Instagram profiles.

What emerges from this digital experiment? A projection towards the Metaverse, an “other”, virtual reality, which now reigns even in the beauty field, without however excluding the themes of uniqueness and inclusiveness.

The beauty portraits created with the Lensa App by Megan Fox, Sharon Stone and MJ Rodriguez (Credits: Instagram)

The Lensa phenomenon also reveals some trends

Spectacular make ups are often the focus of the portraits made with Lensawhich often play with decisive or iridescent tones and some seasonal catchphrases, in a cartoon key, such as the overlining lips, or dark lipsticks, or maxi eyeliners. Finally, the attention is also captured by the eye makeup: elongated and extreme which confirms one of beauty trends most loved ones of 2022, i.e. i Siren Eye.

At the heart of digital creations there is inevitably also leather, which does not betray its original characteristics: perfection does not exist, and will no longer be sought even in the most distant future.

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2023 therefore promises to be a year full of experiments towards one new frontier of beauty that opens the doors – really – to the future.


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