Leonardo DiCaprio: “she’s the only one I haven’t cheated on” | But there is a mystery in their story

Leonardo DiCaprio had a very rich love life. At his side are the most beautiful women in the world, but he has revealed that he has only been faithful to one of them.

Love stories can be of different kinds. That of Leonardo Di Caprio and the Hollywood actress is certainly the most beautiful ever.

Leonardo DiCaprio: “Never betrayed” | Instagram photos

Defined by many as the “American heartthrob”, Leonardo DiCaprio has much more than beauty. The Hollywood star has talent, charisma and is also a staunch environmentalist and activist. In short, he is the perfect man, if it weren’t for the fact that he wouldn’t behave at all well with women. In the sense that our dear Leo has broken hearts, and beautiful women from the show business and not. Only one love story has remained unchanged over time and only to her has the actor always been faithful.

Leonardo Di Caprio and love stories: all his women

Heartthrob par excellence, with extraordinary talent, an angelic face and a golden personality, Leonardo DiCaprio has enchanted women all over the world. From his latest girlfriend, to whom he said goodbye just three months ago, Camila Morrone, class of ’97, to the super model Gisele Bunchen, there are truly countless women, known or not, who have been part of the life of the star. Before Camila, it was the Danish model who bewitched Elo’s heart Nina Agdal.

The relationship ended after only a year. A flirt would also be born, between 2015 and 2016, with Rihanna, but the relationship was never confirmed by the two. American supermodel and actress, Kelly Rohrbach, one of the protagonists of the remake of Baywatch, was paparazzi in New York with the actor. Tony GarnGerman model, who had a very short story, abruptly interrupted, with D Caprio in 2014. There is also a Brazilian model or Kate Torresel‘iconic and famous Blake Lively, who then found love in Ryan Reynolds.

Together for years, even if with several leave and take, Leo was a steady couple for six years with Bar Rafaeli. The model has never forgotten her great love of which she recently said, in an Italian broadcast: “It was a relationship that lasted 6 years, very important for my life. I shared a lot with him. He’s a great actor but – he continues smiling – I haven’t seen ‘Once upon a time in… Hollywood’ and I don’t go to see his films because I have a strange feeling”.

Leonardo DiCaprio loyal to only one woman in his life

Among all these beautiful women, models, famous actresses, Leonardo Di Caprio, however, has only lent loyalty to one person: perhaps the greatest love one could wish for. A story born on the set and never finished, on the most important set of both their lives or Titanic. We are talking about Kate Winslet. A friendship that began when the two were in their early 20s and never finished. “He IS my friend, my dear friend. We are linked for life,” said the actress. “I am grateful to that film for so many things. One above all is that I left the set of Titanic with one of the most important friendships of my life, which is the one with Leo”.

Leonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet| Instagram photos

Leonardo DiCaprio of Kate Winslet instead has always said flattering words, of professional esteem but above all of friendship. He also gave her a ring, a gold record at the end of the filming of Revolutionary Road. A unique devotion that the star himself confirmed: “The only woman, together with my mother, that I have never cheated on”.

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