Leonardo DiCaprio warns Earth is suffering ‘every’ disaster climate experts predicted years ago Entertainment News

Leonardo DiCaprio has warned that “anything” catastrophic is coming to Earth, just as climate change scientists predicted years ago.

The 49-year-old actor and eco-activist was frightened by the experts who spoke to him in Martin Scorsese’s 2016 documentary Before the Flood and said he now sees all their warnings “Almost completely” became a reality.

He told the Observer: “I remember making a film called Before the Flood and I was with a NASA scientist and he gave me a map of the Earth for the first time and showed me, word for word, Say: ‘Look, do you “see everything on the equator?” “

“I thought: ‘Yeah, that’s close to where I live in Los Angeles,’ because that was seven years ago. “So as the planet starts to warm, you’re going to start to see fires pop up, things Burning will begin, drought will be severe, and trees will not be able to withstand enough. “

“In fact, a few years later you started hearing about massive forest fires. It was now a common thing.

“So we’re seeing everything else start to happen, almost exactly as the scientists predicted.”

Leonardo also blasted Republicans for doing nothing about the looming climate emergency.

“We have a party that systematically denies the scientific community and consistently fails to support protecting our climate,” he said.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who stars in 2021’s climate change disaster drama Don’t Look Up, was named the public figure or celebrity most trusted by 18- to 64-year-olds when it comes to sustainability in a poll by Hollywood consultancy National, a research panel – leading Greta Thunberg, Al Gore and US President Joe Biden.

He added that his work highlights the climate crisis: “A lot of people say: ‘Oh, the Earth is still here.'” But what kind of Earth is it to live on? For its residents?

“So my focus now is asking: ‘How do we protect the natural world?’ “You protect the stewards of the land, you protect the people on the land, the local communities, the indigenous peoples, and they’ve been doing this for thousands of years. “

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