Lèro (Siguiri): a girl dies after an abortion

17 years old and pupil of the 10th year, Adèle Condé died last Wednesday, August 9, 2023, at the Léro health post (a district of the rural commune of Siguirini, in the prefecture of Siguiri). She succumbed after an abortion of her pregnancy which was already at six months.

“It was on the morning of Tuesday August 08, 2023 that we received this girl by the name of Adèle Condé. She says she is vomiting, has stomach pains and is bleeding. We went to ultrasound, that’s how I knew she is in 6 month family state, but there were threats of abortion. I asked her, she told us that she got pregnant with a youngster, but that she doesn’t want to leave the pregnancy there. This is how we asked to tell the truth. We came to the girl to ask her what she had taken. She didn’t say anything. On the night of Tuesday August 08, 2023, the complications became even more serious, the girl was bleeding a lot. This is how on the morning of Wednesday August 09 she had an abortion, but very unfortunately Adèle Condé could not bear it. On Wednesday August 09, 2023, at 10 a.m., she passed away. I informed the Lèro gendarmerie”, explained Dr Amra Oularé, the head of the Lèro health post.

After the announcement of the death of this girl, her boyfriend (known under the pseudonym of Tecno) took to their heels. But, an investigation was opened to find him.

At the latest news, the body of Adèle Condé has been handed over to her family for her burial.

From Siguiri, Koutoubou Condé for Guineematin.com

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