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Kind, helpful, reliable, humble, Mrs. Harris is a cleaner in the homes of the rich in England in the 1950s, she continues to wait for the return of her husband lost in the war. But her dream is there to harbor inside her and when touching a wonderful Dior dress in the closet of a lady with whom she is at her service the spark is triggered, she will decide that at any cost she will go to Paris to the maison. most famous of the time. It is an enjoyable film, with excellent actors, an enchanting elegant fairy tale MRS. HARRIS GOES TO PARIS, in theaters with Universal from November 17 after the preview at the Rome Festival. Based on the novel by Paul Gallico, published in 1958, the film has an exceptional protagonist: the Oscar-nominated actress Lesley Manville, actress already seen in many films by Mike Leigh as Vera Drake, as well as in the film by Paul Thomas Anderson The Hidden Thread, recently starred in the BBC sitcom Mum. The director of the Dior fashion house is instead a perfidious Isabelle Huppert. Manville, 66, ex-wife of Gary Oldman, is also Princess Margareth in the expected THE CROWN 5 on Netflix from November 9: before her the role of Elizabeth II’s sister was Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter. And also the Marquise de Merteuil in the new DANGEROUS RELATIONS, starting today 6 November on Lionsgate +.
Manville is one of the symbols of the (very small) steps forward of the age gap in cinema: in Anthony Fabian’s film he is the absolute protagonist of Mrs. Harris goes to Paris in the role not of a star although in old age but even of an elderly woman of a working class, that is to say an ‘invisible woman’. As invisible is the cleaning lady, played by the Filipina Dolly De Leon, who takes power after the sinking of the yacht in the film Palme d’Or at Cannes 2022 Triangle of sadness for example. The gap between leading roles of men and women is ascertained and confirmed year after year by international statistics since Hollywood is Hollywood, that for older women is monstrous. In the various reports that, beyond the figures, are however symptomatic of a gap, we read, such as in the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative in California, that “The percentage of women as protagonists and co-protagonists was at an all-time high in 2019 (43 % of films), 23 percentage points higher than in 2007 (20% of films). However, only 3% of films in 2019 featured female protagonists / co-stars aged 45 or over at the time of release in theaters (and only 1% of these roles were held by a black woman) “. This for America, Europe and Italy is certainly no better than that 3% and films with leading roles of women in old age are very rare, like Mrs Harris.
The recent report Gender Balance in Italian Film Crews, edited by DGCA – MiC, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, CineAF presented in Venice last September does not deal with the issue, proving that having data is decidedly complicated. In addition to Mrs Harris, we can cite as recent examples Astolfo by Gianni Di Gregorio (elderly him, director and protagonist, elderly her, Stefania Sandrelli), Mascarade by Nicolas Bedos with Isabelle Adjani, 67, diva in the plot and in reality struggling with A Young Love, The Pleasure Is All Mine with Emma Thompson, 63, a consolable widow who hires a gigolo agency, while 76-year-old Diane Keaton co-stars in the comedy Mack & Rita. In Great Britain there are progress on the subject, it should be noted and in the list of films with elderly protagonists, after the premiere in Toronto, we expect to see Madame Judi Dench, 87, in Richard Eyre’s Allelujah, a moving story about old age .
Manville was among the signatories, along with over 100 UK actors and public figures, who put their name in an open letter from the Acting Your Age Campaign (AYAC) calling for a better screen representation of older women, to help fight entrenched ageism (age discrimination) of the entertainment industry: “we have a” life of expiration “on screen while our male colleagues have a” whole life “, thus neglecting the millions of audiences who appreciate seeing women over 45 tell the stories of our lives. “

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