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In the third quarter of this year, the mines of Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa produced over 3 percent. less coal than in the previous quarter. – This quarter we had to face difficult mining and geological conditions – said Edward Paździorko, Vice President of the JSW Management Board for Technical and Operational Affairs, during the results conference on Friday (19 November).

In the period from July to September this year. JSW produced 3.338 million tons of coal, i.e. by 108 thousand tonnes. t (-3.1 percent) less than in the previous quarter. The production counted from the beginning of the year was also lower. During the three quarters of this year. coal production amounted to 10.181 million tonnes and was up by 4.1 percent. lower than in the corresponding period of the previous year.

What made production results worse in the third quarter?

– The second quarter was a pretty good one. In some longwall fronts, the deposit was exhausted, which forced the technological launch of subsequent walls. After such start-up, there must be a period of starting the walls – pointed out Paździorko.

Another challenge that miners had to face in the third quarter was the difficult mining and geological conditions.

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