Less fees for singers. From Fedez (282 thousand euros) to Maneskin (252 thousand): here are the winners of the tax authorities

Appeals to the tax credit for musicthat is the tax credit of up to 75 thousand euros provided for those companies in the entertainment and music sector with expenses up to 250 thousand euros: so some famous people get tax breaks.

To understand what we are talking about, just take a look at the numbers. In 2021, as reported by the Sole24orea total of 2.59 million tax credit to cover 94 albums by independent record companies and 25 by majors. A considerable growth if you consider that in 2020 the figure was 176 thousand euros.

What has changed? The fact that now everyone can take advantage of the tax credit for music, when until two years earlier this was only provided for first, second and third works. Now, however, even celebrities such as Zucchero, or Vasco Rossi can apply.

It is a nice occasion. The tax credit, in fact, allows those who produce music to get one Discount at a tax level equal to 30% of the expenses incurred for a maximum of 75 thousand euros per work and 800 thousand euros per company in three years. Among other things, the Aid Decree has raised the maximum three-year credit figure to 1.2 million.

Enzo Mazza, CEO of Fimi, is satisfied. And the new executive asks “a tax credit for internationalization“. There is no doubt that the measure works. From 2015 to 2021, as many as 298 musical works were facilitated, which translates into 4.27 million in tax aid granted.

The Sole24ore was able to consult the production costs of a album viewing the archives of the Ministry of Culture. Shopping is not the same for everyone. But the top records of Universal Music Italia, for example, bring the figure rounded to 250 thousand euros, a cost from which the maximum subsidy of 75 thousand euros is triggered. Among the various names, we find Taxi Driver by Rkomi, Celestial blue by Blanco, We, them, the others by Marracash e Ghettolimpo by Mahmood.

There is also no lack of Vasco Rossi with We are here and Sugar, with Discover. All these works are quoted for 250 thousand euros.

When moving to Sony Music Italy the focus falls on Måneskin. Their album, Theater of Wrath Vol. 1, it cost 252,179 euros. And it’s not even the record that cost the most. You go up with Fedezwith Inhuman. There is talk of an investment of € 282,040.

The album that cost the most of all, though, is Malifesto by Malika Ayane, recently moved to Warner Music: € 384,522.

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