“Less Goonies and more Nightmares”

We attended the press conference for the presentation of the fourth season of Stranger Things, with the interpreters of Nancy and Jonathan: this is what they told us.

“But then when the fourth season of Stranger Things? “. How many times have you asked us this in the last three years? For fans of the series – and for us” insiders “who, together with you, have followed the work of the new season step by step, revealing you indiscretions, theories And advances – this day seemed so far away. But here we are: by now it is very close to the exit of the new episodesI waited on Netflix the next May 27 (the first part, while for the second part we will have to wait for the July 1st). The supernatural series will return with the one that the creators, the Duffer brothersthey did not hesitate to define “the greatest season ever”. We had the pleasure of attending the international press conference organized by Netflix to present the new season of Stranger Thingsduring which two of the protagonists of the series intervened, Natalia Dyer And Charlie Heaton (the interpreters of Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers). Here are their impressions of the new episodes and some anecdotes from the set.

Stranger Things 4: The plot of the new season

Season 4 of Stranger Things he will restart in the spring of 1986, more than six months after the battle at Stacourt Mall that had wreaked havoc on Hawkins. The protagonists will start high school but, after the Byers and Eleven move to California, their paths will be divided. How can they face together, then, a new supernatural threat ready to disrupt the lives of the inhabitants of the Indiana town where the story takes place again? Yet, as anticipated by the Duffer brothers, the new episodes will be “the beginning of the end” (that is, they will pave the way for fifth and final season): just that new bloody mysteryin fact, once resolved it could put an end to the horrors of the Upside Down once and for all.

Stranger Things 4

A much more terrifying season, also thanks to Robert Englund

Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have confirmed that this fourth season, even much more narratively complex, will be “much darker, more terrifying, more horror!”. “It is the most complex season, we are coming to the end so it is obvious that we had to explain things. And then we all grew up. The first was more like ‘The Goonies’, this one is more ‘Nightmare’“said Charlie Heaton. The reference, of course, is to two pillar films of the 1980s, the decade that most influenced – not just for obvious setting reasons – the whole story. And to make the new episodes particularly terrifying. , not surprisingly, he will also think about it Robert Englundwho was the iconic Freddy Krueger right in the horror saga of Nightmare and that in Stranger Things will play a key role. “The Duffer brothers had recommended us from season one to watch Nightmare. And I did, even though I don’t particularly like horror. But I must say it didn’t scare me very much. Englund on set had fantastic energy. He did an incredible monologue. For us it was lucky to be able to see how he works, it was fantastic“, said Natalia Dyer.

Stranger Things 4

The evolution of stories and characters: the Harry Potter model

All the protagonists will grow and evolve this season, both those we had known as kids and teenagers, like Nancy and Jonathan. “The work of the Duffer brothers was wonderful. Nancy’s evolution was a lot of fun to play. In fact she changes her priorities, the things that worry her and she evolves into a more complete and stronger female character“, observed his interpreter. Jonathan, who we find in California, is also no exception.” Jonathan feels different, perhaps a little rejected. He tries to manage these new emotions also thanks to a new friend (Argyle, played by the new entry Eduardo Franco ed.) that helps him with his problems … and with some particular medical plants, “joked Byers, adding that he felt very happy to explore new sides of his character’s character.

Stranger Things 4

Speaking of the growth of the actors and characters, Charlie Heaton also ventured a comparison with the franchise of Harry Potter: “Even then the actors and characters have grown up, and the fans have grown up with them. Beyond everything, the focus is still on the characters and their development. Even if there is a particular attention to the plot, the characters remain the core of the show. And that’s what the audience likes best. “

The formidable couple Nancy-Robin

In addition, in the fourth season, Nancy will get closer to Robin (Maya Hawke). Natalia Dyer teased: “We shot some very interesting scenes together. The two characters are very different, but they will interact in a very funny way. They are two strong women and they have a lot to learn from each other. I really like their relationship. “.

A set that became a family

The fourth season of Stranger Things, also due to the pandemic, it required very long processing times (filming had started in February 2020, just before the health emergency broke out, and after a long hiatus they ended last fall). The very strict protocols adopted on the set made sure that the actors and the crew felt like in a real bubble. “We shot in different locations. We felt the pressure, but it’s easier to handle it together with others like you do in a big family,” noted Jonathan’s performer.

Stranger Things 4

To the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, then, Natalia Dyer reserved only kind words showing sincere admiration. “They are very good, they plan everything in detail and involve us actors giving us confidence”, said the actress praising their openness to news and last minute changes. “Sometimes I shared some ideas with them, we did brainstorming. They tried to put it in the script even if it was a stupid idea, “he added. The positives? The actors ended up feeling really in tune with their characters, to the point of sharing their emotions and feelings.” In the end, you fall in love with them. “pointed out Dyer.

The beginning of the end and the favorite seasons of Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton

Looking ahead already, the fifth season of Stranger Things it will be the last and Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton, thinking about it, have already said very sad. “I can’t even imagine what it will be like to shoot next season. It will definitely be a challenge,” said Heaton. Both he and Dyer agreed that they left their hearts on the first season but particularly enjoyed the fourth as well. “My favorite seasons are 1 and 4. The first is always special, but this fourth is actually great. I understood that she would already be the first reading of the script “, the actor confided.

To find out the rest, we will just have to get comfortable and press the play button on our remote control. The appointment with the new episodes of Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix on May 27th.

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