less than 13% of players have completed the story

Horizon Forbidden West was very successful at launch (although the game was partly overshadowed by Elden Ring, which quickly became a global phenomenon) but how many players have completed the Guerrilla Games adventure? Not many, according to the data that emerged from the trophies.

Apparently only 12.9% of players have completed the Horizon Forbidden West story on PS5 while on PS4 this percentage drops to 12.4%. Obviously this is an indicative figure since it does not take into account, for example, players who do not synchronize their trophies online. Other interesting data concern the Platinum trophy obtained by 2.4% of the players, 9% have instead reached level 50 while 14.8% of the players have not yet passed the first mission of the game.

It would be wrong to say (as has been argued for years) that single player games are becoming less and less popularalso considering the enormous success of Elden Ring, it must be said that the reasons for such modest percentages could depend on many factors that are not all so simple to understand and code.

Horizon Forbidden West came out in mid-February and has been positively received by audiences and critics alike, the great success of Elden Ring seems to have partially obscured Aloy’s adventure on the PlayStation platforms, where the game FromSoftware quickly became very popular.

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