Less than a year later, Minecraft Legends will no longer receive any content updates

Minecraft Legends was released last April, and while it didn’t blow anyone away, it was a neat little strategy game that complemented Minecraft well by offering long-time fans a different experience. “series. However, it seems it may not have the remaining power that Mojang hoped it would, as the studio has announced that the game will no longer receive any content updates less than a year after it hit shelves.

The news was announced in a blog post on the official Minecraft website earlier today, stating that the game has received enough improvements and tweaks due to player feedback that the studio will “pause development.” Mojang went on to explain that the Snow vs Snouts update won’t be adding any new content, and that the version of Minecraft Legends we’re using now is the version we’re stuck with.

Mojang’s announcement makes it feel like a step away from development is always going to happen, but it’s surprising that a Minecraft game will no longer support fresh content after less than a year in players’ hands. Then again, if you look at the number of players for this game on Steam, you probably won’t be too surprised.

As of this writing, only 23 people are currently playing Minecraft Legends, with an equally dismal 24-hour peak player count of just 31, and the game’s daily player count has been down since June (just two months later) The player count has been struggling to cross the 100 player mark for launch. In fact, Minecraft Dungeons currently has more than ten times the number of players on Steam than Legends, which launched three and a half years ago.

Obviously, since Minecraft Legends is an Xbox game and available on Game Pass, we don’t have a full picture of the game’s player count, but Steam’s data doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture. We can assume that player numbers on other platforms have been similarly disappointing, so it’s no surprise that Mojang and developer Blackbird Interactive may not consider this a game worthy of regular update support.

Luckily, the original Minecraft is as healthy as ever, filled with amazing horror creations created by players. For example, one player recently spent over three years creating the largest and most complex maze ever created in the game, then uploaded it for other players to try to solve.


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