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Simba la Rue’s gang beheaded, already under arrest. The 21-year-old’s attacks on journalists and agents: I eat your salary for lunch. Two months earlier the judges had rejected the request for special surveillance

We have risked too much … I am already in … In a year and a half everything will arrive, a year and a half, two. And no: it was last July 4th when some soldiers of the gang of trapper musicians led by the well-known Simba la Rue and Baby Gang, intercepted without knowing it they spoke ofassault, the day before, Sunday 3 July, at dawn, in the Milanese area of ​​the Corso Como premises: two Senegalese with legs, to be punished for ancient alleged wrongs. A few hours later, for an exchange of person, Timou Bakayoko, a Milan player, was stopped. And now we are here, just at the beginning of October, therefore well in advance of their forecasts, to tell that the investigations are over, and that those guys, along with others, will have to duel against justice. The dawn operation of the police and carabinieri triggered two precautionary orders against 11 people, including the same Baby Gang alias Zaccaria Mouhib (in this article, who the trapper was arrested), while Simba la Rue he had already been arrested in late July.

The two beheaded gangs

The background is always the same: the feud between the gangs, already generating 9 arrests of the carabinieri at the end of July. And if we count thetoday’s and contextual Bergamo ordinance against 5 soldiers from the opposite side, that of Baby Touch, it is not wrong to assume a consistent one beheading of the gangs. After that, since sometimes time gives something, we can’t help but start with two personal stories. The stories of the two of them: Simba la Rue and Baby Gang. Beloved, venerated, honored by the people of the social networks that follow, rejoice, imitate. Against the rules, against the system, against adults. Against everyone and nobody.

Crutches as weapons

Well, of Simba la Rue had sincerely spent midsummer reporting the serious health conditions, a consequence of the stabbing suffered in the province of Bergamo on June 16, of which the local prosecutor’s office seems willing to disperse the information of the arrests. As usual, the reason is unknown. We continue. An expert had judged the clinical picture of Simba la Rue, aka Mohamed Lamine Saida, born in Tunisia 20 years ago and living in the Lecco area, not suitable for the detention regime. After all to him, finally operated, the femoral nerve was sutured and reconnected sliced ​​from that blade into two stumps. Yet, all of this said, the same Saida who protested against the stay in the cell, where he was and who what was he doing that July 3rd? But obviously he was there, in Corso Como, armed indeed armed with crutchesto stand up, poor fellow, crutches which instead unleashed as weapons against the two Senegalese. And again, then moved from prison to one community despite the investigating judge Guido Salvini had expressed his doubts about the hypothesis, fearing the risk of coexistence with members of the association, Saida immediately he entered, in fact, in contact with his affiliates, saw, met, telephoned, brigaded, in short, overcoming, we read in a decisive and perhaps definitive passage of the order of the investigating judge, even the most pessimistic forecasts. That is enough, while we are certainly waiting for the version of the person concerned and the defense of his lawyer. Let’s move on to the other.

I will change my life

Avoiding the obvious reflection on the nomen omen, by discussing Baby Gang, that is Zaccaria Mouhib, 21 years old with a home in Sondrio,
announcements such as the following stand out, waved on the blessed / cursed social networks, a tool for trapper recruiting disciples: Journalists pieces of shit, infamous cops, police mafia association, I make more money than you, I eat your salary for lunch. Of Mouhib, to whom the team of the commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi has dedicated a large and structured work not investing solely in the mere activity of contrast but by reasoning as a whole, within reality, one cannot fail to mention the precocious criminal career, the vain pilgrimage, he too, by community, the fights, the theft, the personal injuries, the incitement to commit a crime, the defamation, and so on – the list really unfortunately full -; likewise, in the face of a serious, actual and concrete social danger, one cannot fail to mention the previous one court decision to reject the proposal for special surveillance counting on the guarantees of Baby Gang to have changed their life and no longer need to commit a crime. Indeed. For the record, even if it seems a bleak foregone passage, the decision of the judges, who had rejected the obligation to stay in Sondrio, was before (60 days) the ambush of Corso Como. Not only theoretically, perhaps the offensive could have been avoided, having however had Baby Gang a central role.

The painstaking investigations

It was not a banal and impromptu brawl but an episode of serious violence and oppression, originating from a gang logic and a desire to control the territory. So the investigating judge Salvini to frame the episode of July 3which had, in the first instance, the hunt for police cars, engaged in the reconstruction of the facts, and then flanked in the developments by the reconnaissance of the Mobile squad, and at the same time the continuation of the investigations of the Compagnia Duomo of the carabinieri already on the piece, as focus on two past events: another beating, in the Porta Venezia area, conducted by Saida’s group, and the kidnapping of rival Baby Touch. Except that the carabinieri of Milan of general Iacopo Mannucci Benincasaon the complex issue of youth gangs they have already produced an articulate and avant-garde map Milanese, combining incursions of social analysis with the mere art of investigating, the two research paths merged into the location of each character at the crime scene. Faces, names, roles of those who, that night in July, when it was 5.20, was in Corso Como. Be followed, the following days, by words. Always intercepted. Here are some of them. We don’t shoot in the air, that’s the truth! Our boys, if they shoot, they shoot people… Baby there had the iron in his hand…. If she talks too much, break it! I pulled him too many knees, he knows … Look at his blood! I am pleased … I am very pleased.

The brotherhood

To sociologists and many others the rich and intense analyzes on the chain of violence, on individual behaviors, on this blood brotherhood, on the responsibilities of parents and educators, on media trivializations, on certain anachronistic announcements that do not take into account individual paths, without that these act as a justification, on delegating to the police and the communities, but yes, they should hurry up and amen. However, together with the investigations, the messages they disseminated remain: aIt is a cardinal sin to baptize the feud as a consequence of affairs between peripheral offenders which, in essence, do not concern us. In fact, fixing on the birthplaces of some of the boys, often in their twenties, a loophole for not going through their next journey, with the bulk of the existence spent in Italy. And not in Milan, but in the now serene and unharmed province of the Po Valley, in communities where administrators and citizens bully themselves not to have major substantial crime problems. Certain dynamics of these guys, the investigating judge had immediately warned, they refer to the actions of the French suburbs: the profession of violence as belonging to the group, connivance, mutual protection, silences, cult of leaders, the ease – frightening ease – with which a clean record destroys his life by participating in an ambush and almost killing a peer.

The others arrested

Among the recipients of the ordinances, too Paulo Marilson Da Silvaprincipal manager of Baby Gang, top public relations figure; Eliado Tuci said Lupo, another servant of Mouhib; Andrea Rusta, one who follows like an ultr or a teenager in love with a footballer both Simba la Rue and Baby Gang. Of this Rusta, the interceptions bring back the inexhaustible pleasure in remembering the fury against the two Senegalese recalling, unsurprisingly, that the thugs had taken advantage of a considerable numerical disproportion; from herd; they were sure they would get the better of it by risking zero. Easy, right?

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