«Let’s make a gift to Sampdoria. Market? Enough sales “

Press conference Giampaolo: the statements of the Sampdoria coach on the eve of the Serie A match against Atalanta

(Alessio Eremita from Bogliasco)Marco Giampaolo spoke at the press conference to present the match between Sampdoria And Atalantavalid for the first day of Serie A 2022/23. Here are the statements of the Sampdoria coach.

CONDITION OF THE TEAM – «The team up to now has always worked well, from retirement until this morning. Then there are games to play, this is part of the game. As for the development of what our job is, I have to acknowledge the team having worked well ».

ATALANTA – «We play the first against an important team, from which you never know what to expect. Atalanta are a difficult rival, we hope to start on the right foot and achieve a result. These are our expectations ».

TEAM FEATURES – «The Sampdoria of my three years in Genoa was built from year to year to follow a path. It made no sense to change in the race, behind an idea of ​​football there is programming. When I returned, the team was built differently. This year we have a squad of players with whom we can interpret two tactical systems. Depending on what the matches and situations will be, I will contextualize my ideas. Behind what I think there is an old legacy with most of the players. Things are never the same: today we have a photograph, tomorrow we have another ».

TRANSFER MARKET – “I’m not talking about the market, it’s the last thing that goes through my head. I only think of Atalanta and my players. Playing with the current market is a different thing. There are four games with the open market, it’s a pain in the ass for coaches and players. Maybe the prosecutors are putting pressure. All those things that don’t help and should be reviewed ».

VILLAR AND DJURICIC – «They are two important players who add quality. Djuricic I have been training him for a week, I can get different answers from him on his condition but not with the certainty of how he is. He came from a time when he trained alone at home. Villar did two training sessions, he was also at home. But they are strong “.

SAMPDORIA BIRTHDAY – «In August Sampdoria and I… We hope to give our fans a nice gift, to have a good match and get a good result. This would be the best gift ».

SABIRI – “It depends on him. He has many qualities to establish himself definitively. It’s strong and important, with high-level team appeal. It has all the ingredients, it just depends on itself. Transfer? Sampdoria has made many sales, you have to close the door “.

DE LUCA – «It has good prospects, it can grow a lot. I coached him for a couple of months at Turin, I found him with a different condition and physicality. It’s a nice profile, it will help us. I wanted him to stay, even with some problems in managing training, but we invented something to make him stay. He will tell about him, I’m happy. He is a good guy and a professional “.

DJURICIC – «The talent is always the same. He was strong then and he is strong now. It is more mature now. In those years he was young, he faced very strong players and struggled to find the position in the 4-3-1-2 that had consolidated dynamics. I asked him for patience, he had less and less because he felt strong and wanted to play. He can play in both game systems ».

CAGES – «It improves, but we have to manage the loads. This week he was employed with more continuity in the work group, yesterday we left him at rest due to some muscle strain. I called him up for tomorrow and I hope to have him as soon as possible. The tests he did are good, we will see in training in the next few days ».

QUAGLIARELLA – «He trains with professionalism. He knows he has an important task: not only to act as a hen, but also from a technical point of view. He has a responsibility. The joke about De Luca? He said to me: “Mister, but that one?”. He knows how to recognize the strong ones ».

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