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The survival of bees is in danger. And this is a fact. The real unknown is whether we can save them. The reasons that have undermined and are still endangering the life of these insects indispensable for our world as we know it have been, over the years, the use of pesticides such as neonicotinoids and the climate that upsets the seasonal trend, inflicting drought. and or floods that are fatal to the environment. And the risk is so great that in 2017 the World Bee Day was established which is celebrated on May 20 and which is usually accompanied by initiatives aimed at safeguarding them and raising public awareness on the urgency and importance of preserve hives and their ‘inhabitants’. “Api a Empoli” is the protection program put in place by the municipal administration that next Sunday at the Serravalle park at 5 pm inaugurates the first of the 18 “Bee Hotels” commissioned to the SintesiMinerva cooperative. What is a “Bee Hotel”? As the name suggests, these are wooden shelters to house bees, handcrafted by SintesiMinerva, with zero environmental impact, destined to become nesting and wintering places for solitary bees. The houses will be installed in all the hamlets of Empoli and will be accompanied by adequate signs explaining the functioning and purpose of the shelters for these hardworking and precious insects. The inauguration on Sunday, which will be attended by the deputy mayor Fabio Barsottini and the president of SintesiMinerva Cristina Dragonetti, is the first step of a much more complex project that will have one of its highlights in September, when the first Festival will be held in Empoli. of bees. Also on Sunday, after the inauguration of the “Bee Hotel”, the book “Green please – Resilience, recycling, sustainability” by the journalist Ludovica Amici will be presented. The material authors of the “Bee Hotel” will also participate and all citizens are invited to the event.

Among the other initiatives of the week dedicated to bees, it is worth mentioning that on May 20 at 5 pm, at the Serravalle Park there will be the children’s show “Let’s make the difference (iat) a – Stories of waste. recycling and water ”with Mario Costanzi and the boys of the Calasanzio Institute. Then a snack with honey at the Green Bar and observation of the nesting tunnels of the “Bee Hotels”. On 24 May at 6 pm, at the San Paolo books & People bookstore, the presentation of the book “The bird cottage” by the Dutch philosopher Eva Meijer, a scholar of animal languages, will be held.

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