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In CW announced last Thursday (2), Katie Keane has not been renewed for a second season. In social networks, Lucy Halethe executor of the main character which gives the name of the series, did bother intense about their feelings towards the message,

Only 13 episodes, the series would be in the position between 14 rating for viewers of 16 original productions the TV station itself. According to TV Line, Warner Television will attempt to sell the show, though it has no competitors at the moment.

“I had to do this several times because I was devastated and not want to see it”– the beginning actress. Lucy claims that Katy Keene was one of the projects that are more perked up in his career: “One of the key moments in my life, happiness is up and down, and some of you may be like “what is she saying?’. Well, you were not selected to be a second season. What’s going on. I had the opportunity a few times and every time… only from the heart.”

“It will take time for me to win, but it’s not because to do this video. First, I wanted to make this film to hear directly from me, so that nothing remains out of context. That, in General, I am grateful, I am grateful for the role in my life that mad… “blurted. “You know, if you want to continue to support our series, please be careful, I highly recommend really. I love, I am so proud of what we did, and I really feel that is timeless. I think sometimes things don’t work, or maybe just was not the right time to do it, I don’t know. I’m a little confused, but… Yeah, in HBO Max. They did not pay me to say it”told to request interesting for the fans.

“I wanted to let you know that the series will not return, and that is a drug. But I’ll hold your head up high and know… Who knows what I’ll do below. View. I love you, kit”closed.

The series is derived Riverdalemade in the style of characters from Archie Comics, showing the audience the characters from the nearby town of Greendale to a new location: new York, a few years after the events that marked in Riverdale High.

The focus is the character which gives name to the series, young and ambitious in achieving success in the career of a stylist by Lucy Hale. Another character, glory is Josie, one of the stars in the original Riverdale, which is looking to consolidate his work as a singer in the city.

In the Us, the series will be broadcaster the CW, but in Brazil, the CIS has the right view.

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