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The direction of the Pd of Ferragosto closes the game on the candidates. No of the conductor Beatrice Venezi to Fratelli d’Italia. The League focuses on Giro, for the third pole there is General Camporini

Five young people, between 25 and 33 years old, representative of different currents, all engaged in the territories: Caterina Cerroni, Marco Sarracino, Paolo Furia, Rachele Scarpa, Paolo Romano. one of the cards that the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta would like to play in the elections. They should all be in an eligible position, even if in the last hours the assault of those who risk exclusion and accuse Letta’s strategy has started. The management that will fire the proportional lists scheduled for today.

The secretary dem

Another strategic choice was the candidacy in Vicenza of the secretary Enrico Letta as leader in the proportional part of the Chamber. The logic is that of a foray into the Lega world that sank Draghi, as Letta himself defines it. Measuring itself in a populous and economically lively provincial city in which – this is the bet of the dems – the League could be downsized not only by Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing competition, but precisely by Matteo Salvini’s choice to help bring down the government. A choice that has disoriented precisely that productive and industrious part that has voted Lega since the symbol on the card. Letta will evaluate today where else to apply, as well as in Veneto.

The 2022 Election Special

The knot in Bologna

Among the pieces that find their place in the Pd house, also the candidacy of Pier Ferdinando Casini in the Bologna boarding school. The local party has been trying to get in the way for days: both for ideological reasons and to defend the places considered among the safest in Italy for the Emilia-Romagna ruling class. The name of the former speaker of the Chamber, however, is indispensable for the secretary: it represents an effective counterweight to the presidential attack by the center-right.

Excluded and tears

But on the day before, there are also sensational exclusions. Like the one (certain until last night) of Tommaso Nannicini, outgoing senator, socialist soul of the Democratic Party. Or of the constitutionalist Stefano Ceccanti forced to give up his post in Pisa, a Nicola Fratoianni Yes.

The illustrious names

For the uninominal of Bari, contestable, however, the Democratic Party probes the internationally renowned scientist Luisa Torsi. But the games are not over yet on the boarding schools. Even within Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi works on 3 maximum 4 names for the single-member constituencies. The maximum reserve, but these would be representatives of civil society established at the highest levels in different sectors with which the negotiations are at the final junction.


The Azzurri have for the problem of women. After the two ministers Mara Carfagna and Mariastella Gelmini they abandoned FI per Action, reaching 40% of leaders, as required by law, is not easy. There will be the president of the Senate Maria Elisabetta Casellatithe group leader and former deputy coordinator of the party Annamaria BerniniAnd Valentina Vezzalioutgoing undersecretary for sport, recently acquired force fighter. Licia Ronzulli And Marta Fascina they will preside over a college. Poised Stefania Prestigiacomo, initially intended to run for the presidency of Sicily. The female share could also come from outsiders.

The strategies on the right

Speaking of excellence, the conductor Beatrice Venezi stated that he had declined the offer to apply. Fratelli d’Italia, who had thought of her, continues to recruit the elect in the territories loyal to her leader. In the two Senate colleges of Trentino, the provincial councilor will attempt the leap Alessia Ambrosi, former League. He will probably be a candidate for the Northern League Francesco Giro, outgoing, which since 2020 holds the two Lega and FI cards. Finally, on the list with Calenda-Renzi, the general Vincenzo Camporini which contributed to the birth of Action.

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