Letta sees Calenda. In the evening the meeting with Fratoianni and Bonelli

“We continue to work for a larger coalition, we want to confirm the agreement with Action and More Europe. We will close everything by tomorrow”, the Democratic Party said. This morning Calenda had launched the ultimatum, attacking Di Maio, Si and Verdi. Meanwhile, the environmental party says yes to the alliance with the dem

[Aggiornamento delle 18:30] In the afternoon, the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta met the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda, and the secretary of + Europe, Benedetto Della Vedova. In the evening, the dem leader will also see Bonelli and Fratoianni, whose parties have continued in these hours the discussion on which path to take in view of the elections on 25 September. “We continue to work for a broader and more plural coalition. We want to confirm the agreement with Action and More Europe”, reiterated the Democratic Party, whose intention “is to close the whole picture by tomorrow. Time is running out”.

“The National Direction believes that the only alliance that can effectively counter the extreme right in Italy is that, despite all the differences that are known, of a democratic front starting from the Democratic Party”, the Greens had made it known shortly before, with a note. Meanwhile, the regional meetings of the Italian Left are underway, while tomorrow at 9 am the National Assembly of the party has been convened, which in any case will ask its members to vote to ratify any decision on alliances.

This afternoon’s meeting between the leaders of the Democratic Party, Action and + Europe, was held after that in the morning Calenda once again reiterated its opposition to expanding the alliance to the Italian Left and the Greens. We wrote about it here.

Calenda launches the ultimatum to the Democratic Party: the pact with Letta at risk

The agreement with the Democratic Party? “It can be erased, not watered down”. And again: “Chiarite”; “Decide”. The day after the meeting between Enrico Letta, Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli, Carlo Calenda is a river in flood, he launches ultimatums and sets conditions. Again. Without beating around the bush, he threatens to break, after less than three days, the agreement found with difficulty with the Democratic Party. “We are not willing to see her again”, he points out, before attacking the “raft parties”. He refers to Di Maio, the Greens and the Italian Left. At the Nazarene someone raises an eyebrow.

It is almost 12 and the leader of Action has already launched at least 15 tweets. On her favorite social network, she focuses, one at a time, all of Letta’s interlocutors. The meaning of the messages is always the same: either us or them. And the intention seems clear, to undermine all attempts by the Democratic Party to expand the alliance, even at the cost of definitively burying the previous agreements and the already shaky center-left coalition.

The first target is Civic commitment: “We don’t care about the fate of Di Maio, D’Incà, Di Stefano and company. And as far as the agenda is concerned, it’s either that of Draghi or the no to everything. Let’s close this story now”. A dissertation follows on the “ambivalence that torments the left from its origin: reformism or maximalism”. And once again, addressed to the Democratic Party: “Decide”.

Then comes the time to Nicola Fratoianni. “The Draghi Agenda? Doesn’t exist. Draghi himself said so. Poor Calenda, he has to run to the stationery shop to buy another one”, is the message of the secretary of the left-left parliamentary referring to a passage from the president’s press conference of the Council. Attacks and counterattacks that have been going on for days now. And which today resume with greater intensity. The leader of Action does not let himself be begged, relaunches the words of Fratoianni and comments: “I would say that we have reached a point of clarity. It seems completely clear to me that there is a clear choice to be made for the Democratic Party”. But above all: “Under these conditions, as far as we are concerned, there is no room for them in the coalition”.

At the Nazareno now they sweat cold, so it all blows up. The alarm goes off, it is perhaps the point of no return. It can also be understood from the fact that at a certain point, to intervene in the dispute, it is Dario Franceschini, the eternal minister, the skilled bridegroom. But also firefighter, if necessary: “Carlo Calenda and Nicola Fratoianni stop!”, Writes the holder of the Department of Culture, trying to put the discussion back on track: “A much greater challenge awaits us than the interest of our parties: to prevent Italy from falling into the hands of a sovereign and incapable right. To start it and win it, we need to respect each other and accept our differences”. Will it be enough?

Nothing to do, the escalation continues. “Dario, tertiaryism in volume if it doesn’t work well with us “Calenda promptly replies, adding to the dose: “The interest of the parties counts for nothing. It is important to give the country a serious government perspective. These were the pacts. I repeat. Decide.” Another blow to the alliance (?), Whose prospects are shortened at this point, almost vanish. With these premises, it is not difficult to hypothesize how this can end at the end of the day.

Also because in the meantime other answers arrive. From the “tribune”: “After starting from the big center, Calenda has become a ‘wingman’ of the center-left coalition. I understand his difficulties in explaining”, ironically Luigi Di Maio, although it is not in an easy situation, since its civic commitment cannot count on single-member armored colleges. “It is surprising, however, that in the end Calenda himself – who stands as a champion of anti-grillism – has become the most extremist of all. With this attitude he is only giving a gift to the right”, adds the Minister of Foreign Affairs, before to conclude: “Obviously Calenda can do what he wants, but with less arrogance and more respect”.

It’s not even time for lunch and Letta has to revise her agenda. It could have been the day of the agreement on the left, the signs after yesterday were positive, the dem secretary is waiting for answers. He who knows if they will come or if Calenda’s breakup will come first. Unless you change your mind, given the polls. And in fact, here it is again: his last post of the morning is just a survey: Action at 6 percent, up by one and a half points. Date of the survey: 3 August, the day after the agreement between the Democratic Party, Action and + Europe.

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