Lewandowski will not repair the damage until at least March. Absolutely no Pika Nona benefits

Never before has Lewandowski played a match with such noise. And it is not even the complete audience at the Augsburg stadium that is involved here, but everything that has been shouted out in recent days – that he completely failed the Polish national team, because he rested in the wrong match, during the training camp he went to a friend’s birthday, on the day of the match with Hungary he was shooting with “Amazon” a movie, and two days later he published a statement that was like putting out a fire with gasoline.

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“If Lewandowski wanted a breath, he would have gone to Mikołajki. I don’t get it”

– We talked about my performances with coach Paulo Sousa before the training camp. I signaled that by playing so many games and knowing my body, I may not be in optimal disposition in both matches – wrote Lewandowski, and at Sport.pl we commented: “The fans of the national team may not like that the captain is asking Paulo Sousa for rest, not Julian Nagelsmann “.

Lewandowski showed off his volleySensation! Bayern lost, although Lewandowski scored another goal

Gumny is the best Robert on the pitch. Bayern sensationally lost to Augsburg

The field’s statement against Augsburg could only be better. Rival – crisis-ridden, 16th in the table, with a total of four goals less than Lewandowski himself. Of course, what he would not do in this match, he would not justify a rest in the key for the placement of the national team match, but with a few goals Lewandowski could at least throw other topics for discussion. And he was certainly aware that Polish fans would watch this match primarily to see if this reset with Hungary gave him anything. The answer is no. At least so far, there are absolutely no benefits to be seen. Although Lewandowski scored in the 38th minute, his team sensationally lost 1: 2, and he remained invisible for the remainder of the match.

It was only in the end that he made a second, dangerous shot on Rafał Gikiewicz’s goal, but the Augsburg goalkeeper saved it. Lewandowski was not even the best Robert on the pitch in this match. Because Gumny, with the exception of one mistake, after which Lewandowski hit very badly, played perfectly. He was confident in defense (11 successful interventions) and much more active in the offensive than in previous matches.

This is how Lewandowski defeated Gikiewicz.  Phenomenal assistance with Mueller's heel [WIDEO]This is how Lewandowski defeated Gikiewicz. Phenomenal assistance with Mueller’s heel [WIDEO]

Five matches to catch up with Gerd Mueller. But there is no room on the pitch

Lewandowski did not even remove a bit of the stain from the beginning of the week. He only scored a goal from this game – 14th in the Bundesliga this season and already 38th in 2021. Breaking another record is within his reach, because Gerd Mueller, who holds the record for goals scored in a calendar year in Germany, had 42 goals. The Pole still has five matches left – with Arminia Bielefeld, Borussia Dortmund, Mainz, VfB Stuttgart and Wolfsburg. But that’s where the benefits end.

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It is quite difficult for Lewandowski to come to goal situations for several matches. During the training camp of the Polish national team, he explained that this is due to the large number of players Bayern has been engaging in attacks since Julian Nagelsmann became the coach. In most of the action, there are several colleagues around Lewandowski who are as eager to take over the ball as he is. – I look around and look for free spaces on the pitch, but it’s not easy to find them – he explained at a press conference a dozen or so days ago.

In the game against Augsburg, it was all too visible. There was practically no place around the penalty area of ​​Rafał Gikiewicz, because the hosts were defending quite low, and Bayern, although attacking with many players, suffered from a lack of dynamics and good intuition. The lack of team training during the national break was tough. “The last pass was missing, the finish was missing, there was no timing in the crosses and the right quality,” complained Lewandowski after the match in an interview with “Viaplay”.

Lewandowski speaks once again about absenteeism. Lewandowski speaks once again about absenteeism. “A lot of nonsense has been said”

Robert Lewandowski explains the rest in the match against Hungary. “If I have free time, I can probably do my own stuff”

Mateusz Borek, who conducted an interview with the captain of the Polish national team after the match, asked him not only about the finished match, but also about the defeat with Hungary and the whole surrounding area. Here are the most important statements of Lewandowski:

– Many things have been said recently. Some of them were not entirely true. Before the training camp I had an appointment with Paulo Sousa that I would not take part in the match against Hungary when I won with Andorra and won the play-offs. A lot of crap stuff has been said around that. There was no session for France Football. Besides, if I have free time, I guess I can do my own stuff. There is nothing more to say about this match. Well, a wise Pole after the damage. Each of us, knowing how it would turn out, would make different decisions. It could have been played differently. But don’t worry about it, we won’t fix it anymore. One can only regret that we lost to Hungary and we don’t even have a draw. After the equalizer with Hungary, we had a chance, but we lost it. We have to keep playing in the play-offs and focus on that – prepare for them mentally, physically and tactically. Fix bugs from recent matches. Maybe with a bit of luck we will play in the final. March our? May it be so! – He said.

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