Lewis Hamilton throws accusations. “There is no clarity”

Lewis Hamilton after the F1 qualification for the Qatar GP hit the judges who decided not to punish Max Verstappen for the events of the Sao Paulo GP. – The rules are not clear – says the Mercedes driver.

Łukasz Kuczera

Łukasz Kuczera

Lewis Hamilton

Press materials / Mercedes / In the photo: Lewis Hamilton

On Friday the judges gave their final verdict on the events of the Sao Paulo GP and Max Verstappen was not punished for pushing Lewis Hamilton off the track in turn four on lap 48. A possible sanction would have a huge impact on the fate of the fight for the F1 championship, because currently the Dutch and the British are separated by 14 points.

Hamilton, however, hit the judges after qualifying for the Qatar GP, and said the rules for dealing with drivers were “still unclear”. Verstappen completely disagreed with him, who revealed that at the briefing in Qatar, the discussion lasted over an hour and “was ultimately quite clear”.

“The drivers shared their views and the FIA ​​then explained their thinking process,” said the Red Bull Racing driver, quoted by motorsport.com.

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– For me, it is not clear what defensive driving is acceptable. Every driver, with the exception of Max, asked for clear directions on this matter. However, this has not been explained to us. What are the boundaries of the track? We do not know. It is not a matter of a white line that you may or may not cross. As drivers, we ask for consistency. If such a decision is made in one race, let it be the same for subsequent scenarios later – Hamilton replied.

In a controversial maneuver at the Sao Paulo GP in turn four, Verstappen delayed braking and fell to the side of the road with Hamilton. It did not have a big impact on the results, because a few laps later the Brit was ahead of his rival.

– Everyone’s different, right? Everyone has their own way of chasing, defending and overtaking. Therefore, judges cannot use one measure for all. They decide, but everyone drives differently. We were supposed to share our insights at the briefing, and then the FIA ​​explained her thinking. We came a long way, the check-in took over an hour and I think the conclusions were quite clear, commented Verstappen.

On the other hand, Hamilton complained that there is a different panel of judges at each F1 race, and that he may have a different view of the disputes. – If we had the same flight attendants this weekend as in Brazil, in the case of the same situation, the decision would be consistent. So I was told – summed up the 36-year-old.

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